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Swing Perfecter
Has all the same features as the Assist Swing Trainer PLUS MORE!

You've heard of the Amazing ASSIST, probably seen it on TV, or in the hands of teaching pros and touring pros. The ASSIST is the world's most popular and best selling swing trainer and exerciser.

The Perfecter has all the same great features that made the ASSIST famous, but unlike the ASSIST, you can hit balls with the Perfecter.

  • Grip - Distance
  • Wrist Action - Accuracy
  • Clubhead Speed - Strength
  • Tempo & Timing - Muscle Memory
You can experience the thrill of better golf with longer, more accurate shots, and lower scores. CONSISTENTLY.

The patent pending Swing Perfecter, with its precision bent shaft, exaggerates the release with a force much greater than a standard 7 iron to teach you the correct hand action and release for longer, straighter shots. Plus it eliminates the slice.

Make your practice sessions more productive and perfect your game with the new Matzie Swing Perfecter. For men, and women, right or left handed. U.S. Patent Pending.

The exclusive training grip places the thumb and Index finger V's in the traditional 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions, resulting in maximum muscle interaction.
The release action is a two-part motion involving the arms, shoulders, and rotation of the hands. The dynamics of the Perfecter provides a controlled release motion to improve distance and accuracy.


Patterned after the AMAZING ASSIST, the world's best selling golf swing trainer/exerciser, the SWING PERFECTER, provides instant feed back when hitting the ball, you can see/feel the results of the proper golf swing.

    Prior to practice, take a few minutes to close your eyes and concentrate on the motions you are about to make. If you have a model or ideal swing in mind imagine making this ideal swing.

  2. GRIP
    Place the "V" formed by the thumb and forefinger of the left hand around the "V"markings on the grip. Then wrap your fingers around the grip making sure they conform to the molded contours. Next, place your right hand on the grip, again placing the thumb and forefinger around the "V" marking on the grip. The little finger of the right hand should over lap the index finger of the left hand (VARDON style) or interlock.. Reverse if you play golf left handed.

    Take a proper stance by placing your feet perpendicular to the target line-spread about shoulder width. Your weight should rest on the inside balls of your feet about 60 % on the right side and 40% on the left side. The knees should be slightly flexed and cocked in to brace against swaying. Square your shoulders parallel to the feet and bend forward from the waist. You are ready to begin.

  4. SWING
    Be sure you have ample room to swing and be cautious of people walking into your practice area. Start with a relaxed grip and swinging motion. Make mini swings back and forth without stopping and then gradually build into the full swings. Now start hitting shots , simply follow the SWING PERFECTER, neither forcing too much speed nor trying to delay it. Evaluate each shot, you should be hitting accurate and longer shots. Notice you are naturally transferring your weight from left to right and reverse. The release action of the wrist and hands is starting to develop and is guided and timed by the SWING PERFECTER.

Use for pre game or practice warmup by making mini swings and loosening up your primary golf muscles.


Practicing daily is ideal for developing your swing. Hitting balls a minimum of once a week is required for you to see immediate improvement. Daily use simply swinging the SWING PERFECTER without hitting shots will reinforce the proper grip, swing, tempo, and timing while strengthening golf muscles for enhanced performance and lower scores.


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Men's Swing Perfecter
Training Grip
Men Right Hand

Men Left Hand

Ladies Swing Perfecter
Training Grip
Ladies Right Hand

Ladies Left Hand

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