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  • Balance Bracelet
  • Balance Bracelet
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Balance Bracelet


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How Should It Be Worn?

The bracelet should fit comfortably around the wrist.

Once you put the bracelet on, it becomes unique to you and should not be handled by anyone else.

The bracelet will maintain its bioelectric charge for 18 months, depending on your body chemistry.

The bracelet is unique to you and therefore, affects each person differently. Some people have felt the effects within a few moments of putting on the bracelet and others may notice its effects within a few days or weeks.

The bracelet is designed for wearing on the right wrist, with the spheres on the top of the wrist. The bracelet may be worn 24 hours a day.

If after a few days, you do not feel a noticeable effect, you can try placing the spheres on the bottom of the wrist or even placing the bracelet on the left wrist with the spheres on the bottom.

Bending the bracelet to comfortably fit on the wrist will not damage the finish or the function. The trenzada (twisted band) bracelet is flexible and therefore, easy to put on and wear.

If you have a pacemaker or other electrical device consult your physician before wearing the Balance Bracelet!

How should it be cleaned?
Any kind of jewelry cleaner may be used to clean the Bracelet. Warm water, soap, and a brush may also be used.

Can I wear it with other jewelry?
If it is worn not touching any other metals, the Bracelet is more effective.

Can I get it wet?
It is safe to swim or shower with your Bracelet!

Which Size Do I Need?

To determine which size Balance Bracelet is right for you:

Measure your RIGHT wrist where you would wear a watch. If you do not have a tape measure, a piece of string or narrow piece of paper works well. Simply wrap around your wrist, then lay string or paper on a flat surface and measure the distance with a ruler.

If your measurement is borderline between two sizes, measure your wrist one more time making sure you are not wrapping tightly. Wrap the string or paper lightly and comfortably around your wrist. Now measure the string or paper again.

When in doubt, order the next largest size. If necessary, you can squeeze the bracelet together, or coil it like a snake to fit more tightly on your wrist. A bracelet that is too loose will rotate on your wrist and not stay in the correct position to get the optimal benefits.

  • SMALL 6" to 7"
  • MEDIUM 7" to 7¾"
  • LARGE 7¾" to 8¼"
  • X-LARGE8¼" and up


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