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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Golf Practice Mat

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Golf Practice Mat

The right golf practice mat is the foundation of an effective home practice area. Mat size, durability, and feel are all important factors. Learn what to look for and how to weigh the options with your goals and budget in mind.

Determine a Golf Mat Size

If you don’t have much space, you can find a golf mat that is as small as one foot by two feet . The downside of smaller mats is there isn’t enough room to stand on them for a realistic feel. Consider going bigger with a  portable mat you can put away after you use it.

A golf mat of five feet by five feet is usually sufficient for golfers around six feet tall . Measure your space with the typical distance your golf balls travel and the potential for ricochet in mind. Get tips for  marking out your space and choosing the right size mat.

Consider the Shots You Want to Practice

Any legitimate golf mat should be able to handle chipping and driving. Many, but not all, can handle irons. Choose your mat with your practice goals in mind. Take a look at this  quick comparison chart.

Assess Golf Mat Durability

Choose the most durable mat you can afford for lasting use. Most mats have a rubber base with a nylon surface, but the density of the base, the quality of the nylon, and the overall thickness varies. The more durable the mat, the  heavier it tends to be. If you need to be able to move and store your mat regularly, a less durable, lighter—but also less expensive—mat may be a better fit for you.

Choose a Mat That Feels Like the Real Thing

The more realistic your golf practice mat is, the better your practice shots will translate to the links. Look for answers to these four questions as you evaluate each mat:

  • Can you hit down and through the mat?
  • Does the mat have features that offset unnatural bounce and shock?
  • Is there enough variation in the hitting surface?
  • Can you use wooden tees?

Overall, you also want a mat that won’t scratch or stain your clubs. To narrow your search, look for product guarantees and product reviews from your fellow golfers.  Check out the highest-rated golf mats at D.W. Quail.

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