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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding the mat that’s right for you can be hard because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all mat that works for every golfer. The team at DWQuailGolf has been selling mats for over 20 years. Let us help by answering some of the most frequent questions we hear from our customers.

  1. What’s are the differences between mat brands?
  2. What size mat should I buy?
  3. What mat goes best with a simulator?

What’s are the differences between mat brands?

We sell six different mat brands in three different grades: standard, heavy-duty, and professional. Take a look at how they compare.

Standard Mats Irons Chipping Driver Wood Tees Rubber Tees
Dura-Pro Residential          
Perfect ReACTION - Urethane Backed          
Heavy Duty Mats Irons Chipping Driver Wood Tees Rubber Tees
5 Star Commercial Golf Mat          
Dura-Pro Multi-Club Champion          
Professional Mats Irons Chipping Driver Wood Tees Rubber Tees
5 Star Perfect ReACTION          
5 Star Zoysia Fairway          

Standard Mats


Dura-Pro Residential Mats

Great mats for practicing your driving and chipping. (Rubber tees are required.)


5-Star Perfect ReACTION - Urethane Backed

Super lightweight and portable, these mats are great for all-around practice. Because they’re urethane backed, we recommend you place your mat on a hard solid surface like concrete. A soft surface will give your clubs too much give and greatly reduce the life of the mat.


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Heavy-Duty Mats

 If golf is more than a hobby for you, then it’s time to step up to our heavy-duty mats. Made to handle the wear and tear of driving ranges, schools, and universities, these mats are perfect for golfers who want to use their mats a lot.


5-Star Commercial Mats

Perfect for driving ranges, these mats give great feedback when you hit down and through, without the joint pain you get from other mats. (Use rubber tees only for these mats.)


Dura-Pro Multi-Club Champion Mats

Hit with any club in your bag. These mats are designed with high school and college teams in mind. They’re portable, light-weight, and tough as nails. Plus, they’re easy to roll-up and store when not in use.

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Professional-Grade Mats

Our professional mats are designed with serious golfers, teaching facilities, and driving ranges in mind. Built with extra-thick padding and lush grass fibers, these mats provide the ultimate in shock-absorbency and realistic feel.


5-Star Perfect ReACTION Mats

This is the mat Martin Hall uses. Built for multi-club use and all tees, these mats give you feedback on your swing without the shock and bounce of other mats. It’s the most versatile and durable mat you can buy.


5-Star Zoysia Fairway Deluxe Driving Range Mat

Designed with extra long and lush 1 ¼”  grass fiber, this mat hits just like well-maintained fairway grass. It’s engineered to last with a ⅝” pad and zero club shock or bounce. For top driving ranges and teaching facilities, it’s the mat of choice.

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What size mat should I buy?

 The two most important things to consider when deciding on a mat size are:

  1. How much space you have
  2. your height

The standard size mat you’ll find at your typical driving range is 5x5’,  so you’re probably already used to the those. In general, this is the size we recommend for anyone over 6’ tall.

If space is limited, we recommend testing your space first by making a 3x5’, 4x5’, or 5x5’ box on the ground with some masking tape. Then take three or four practice swings with your longest club from inside the box you’ve made. If you feel “squished” in that space, move up to the next bigger size. If the size feels right, then it’s the size for you.

Octagon mats are right for people with a lot of space who want to practice shots from multiple angles, while smaller mats (1x2’ or 1x3’) are great for golfers with very limited space. You probably won’t be able to stand on a small mat while you swing your driver, but it's great for chipping and short-game practice.

For more details check out our practice mat sizing guide

What mat goes best with a simulator?

Technically, any mat can work with a simulator, but we recommend a larger mat because some simulators are designed to rest on the mat behind or in front of your swing. In this case, a 5x6’ or larger mat makes for a much more comfortable stance and swing.