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Perfect ReACTION Tee Line 5x15 & up (5' wide by any length)

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$712.50 - $2,050.00
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Martin Hall's

GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Tee Lines™

5' Wide x Any Length - Custom Sizes Available
No Bounce!     No Shock!     Hit Down & Through!
Orders Normally Ship in 24-72 Hours

Easy on the Wrists and Elbows!

If you are looking for a
Continuous Tee Line That Accepts Wood Tees
We have your solution!

Our Perfect ReACTION 3-D Fiber System™ ReACTS Just Like Real Grass!

The New Tee Line Technology Just Rolled In!
All you need to do is ROLL IT OUT!

Install your brand new Tee Line in less than 1 day!
1¼" Thick - 5 Feed Wide by Any Length
Accepts Real Wood Tees the Entire Length of the Tee Line
2-Color NATURAL Look & Feel ReACTS Just Like Real Grass!

5 Star Golf Tee Line Turf
makes having a
PERECT Range All Season
Martin Hall's 5 Star Golf Mats and Tee Line Turf Are Sold Direct!
STOP OVER-PAYING For Top-of-the-Line Golf Tee Line Turf!
Martin Hall takes the worry out of Which Golf Tee Line Is Right For You!
Martin Hall is a Name You Can Trust to Deliver the Perfect Golf Driving Range Tee Lines for the Money!

5 Star Golf Tee Lines Without the 5 Star Price!

Installation is easy! Use AS IS indoors or outdoors on any hard flat surface. Urethane Golf Mats may be glued down with any Urethane compatible glue available from any hardware store for a permenant outdoor tee box at home or at the range. Urethane Wood Tee Golf Mats are perfect for indoor use in the basement or garage, no glue required. Installation on dirt / grass / gravel is easy! Prepare the ground as you would for laying down stone pavers compacted stone (3/4 minus). You want approximately a 95% compaction just like the preparation for stone pavers. Make sure the surface is flat.

Another solution for using our Wood Tee Golf Mats on dirt / grass / gravel is our "5 Star Perfect ReACTION Wood Tee Golf Mats"™. They have an attached ⅝" base pad - no preparation required - just lay down and start hitting some balls! Click Here for More Info.

5 Star GORILLA Perfect ReACTION Tee Lines
With GORILLA Wood Tee Turf
Urethane Easy Drain, Ultra Dura-Flex™ All-Weather Backing

Need A Custom Size? CLICK HERE!

Country Club & Driving Range
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