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EZ Plane Trainer

Includes Instructional DVD

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EZ Plane Trainer EZ Plane is a lightweight training aid that allows you to see and understand your swing plane as you swing your own clubs.
Start with the light on the Target Line - then swing your club and make instant adjustments to your swing path. It's that Easy.

Place the EZ Way Swing Trainer in your hands as you grasp the club handle with a normal grip. The swing trainer should be positioned beneath the club (the narrow end pointing down, away from your body) and the contoured curved piece fitting snugly against the club grip, secured by your hands taking a normal grip.

Lay out the included white target line. Select the club of your choice with the EZ Way Swing Trainer in place. Stand at address position, centered on and parallel to the target line, with the light beam focused on the line (the club head will be over the line). Starting your backswing, the light will trace your target line backward until your hands reach a point parallel to the ground, about hip high.

Within minutes you will understand all key positions in the golf swing with EZ Plane Trainer!

Uses AA batteries.

The EZ Plane Trainer works great with other golf training aids such as the Power Swing Fan or the Swing Hitter!

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EZ Plane Trainer

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