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Touring pros responded to a major golf magazine's survey asking them where THEY place the ball in relation to the left heel (for right-handed players) or right heel (left-handed players), and in relation to their toes to the ball.

The ALIGN-DRIVE was designed using these measurements. It places the ball in the correct position from the left heel (right-handed players) and from toes to ball.

Just Three Positions

There are only three positions for every club in the bag. The three positions reflect the thinking of the touring pros from the survey.

How To Use the Align-Drive
One side is for right-handed golfers, and the other for left-handed golfers. Assemble the ALIGN-DRIVE by removing the shaft from the tube and inserting it into one of the three holes, which correspond to all the clubs in your bag.

Right-handed golfers: Place the ALIGN-DRIVE on the ground and point it slightly LEFT of target. This will place the ball right ON target when you hit it. Left-handed golfers aim slightly right of target.

The "D" club position is for all woods and long irons. The shaft places the ball farthest from the toes and closest to the left heel (Right-handed golfers).

The "5" position is for the 5-8 irons. The shaft moves the ball closer to the toes and farther from the left heel.

The "9" position is for the 9 iron and all wedges. This places the ball closest to the toes, and farthest from the left heel.

Place your feet as shown on the ALIGN-DRIVE for the club selected. Put the left foot in the left foot position and the right foot in the right foot position corresponding to the "D", "5" or "9" position selected. Taller golfers may widen the stance by moving the right foot out while shorter golfers may narrow the stance by moving the right foot in. Swing normally. Hit a dozen balls in each position. The results will astound you. Practice and consistency -- that's what it's all about.

Short or Tall

The tapered shaft stops in each hole position to adjust the distance from toe to ball. The ball is placed on a line 4-6 inches from the end of the shaft. This allows you to hit the ball without hitting the shaft. Taller golfers simply move the ball a little farther out on an imaginary line from the end of the shaft. Shorter golfers cut the end of the shaft with a serrated knife or hacksaw so that 4-6 inch clearance is maintained. To compensate for height, short or tall golfers may want to widen or narrow the stance slightly by moving the right foot.

Practice and Consistency

By practicing with the ALIGN-DRIVE, you will learn to recognize what proper ball position and alignment looks and feels like. Your line to the target will be accurate, and the ball will be in the proper position. After a few practice sessions you will develop and retain alignment memory. With each practice session, you will develop additional consistency. The ALIGN-DRIVE's simplicity will amaze you. The results will astound you!

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