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mySwing Golf Swing Analyzer

Lightweight Swing Analyzer That Fits Any Club!

When you purchase the mySwing Golf Swing Analyzer from D W Quail Golf,
you will receive Mike O'Leary's Lessons 3 DVD Set

  • Easily attaches to any golf club
  • Very easy to use and understand!
  • Measures the entire club swing motion
  • mySwing Basic consists of an inertial sensor module and a wireless LCD receiver.
  • When the club is swung, the sensor automatically picks up the motion data and forwards the data to the receiver
  • The receiver extracts the club head speed and swing tempo, and displays the data on screen

Quickly and Easily Attaches to Any Club!

In Action

See How
Easy it is
to Use!

Club head speed at impact
Golf club head speed is one of the most important measures of a swing and is directly related to the carry distance of the ball.

Swing tempo
Good golfers have steady upswing and downswing tempos. An upswing and downswing tempo ratio of 3:1 is considered good for most golfers. If you maintain a 3:1 ratio, the faster the downswing tempo, the better the swing.

mySwing Golf Swing Analyzer Features

Club head speed Club head speed determines the carry distance. With mySwing™, you will know exactly your club head speed for each swing.

Tempo Consistent and smooth tempo is critical. Knowing the tempo helps you better understand your swing

Accessibility You don’t have to have a smart phone or download any Apps.

Fast and accurate A high performance CPU chip is embedded in the sensor module. With the optimized algorithm, mySwing™ can detect and analyze your swing data accurately and promptly.

Auto scrolling The LCD display will automatically loop over the key measurements so that you can focus on your swing and your hands never have to leave the club.

Light-weight The sensor module is very small and light, weighings only 17 gram. You won’t even feel it on the club.

Operation Very simple operation: select club type and then swing.

Long battery life A fully charged sensor module can support 3 hours of continuous swing. If no swing action or any operation is detected in 5 minutes, the sensor module will automatically hibernate to save battery.

Reference card A reference card is provided for you to check the club head speed vs. carry distance. The card also serves as an alignment tool.

Velcro strap The Velcro strap design makes it easy to fasten the sensor to any club shaft. A spare strap is provided.

Nylon pouch The package comes with a nylon bag, which can hold the mySwing™ sensor and its accessories.

mySwing Golf Swing Analyzer

PLUS FREE Mike O'Leary's Lessons 3 DVD Set
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