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WrisTRAINER Golf Training Aid

Not Another Golf Wrist Support
WrisTrainer The WrisTRAINER is the simplest way to dramatically improve your golf swing accuracy. Not only does it help promote the flat lead wrist prinicipals by creating a wrist support for the wrist joint but, it also ensures proper golf swing mechanics throughout the entire golf swing.

The best part about it is that from the moment you begin using the WrisTRAINER, you will notice your shots will gradually become straighter and you will have more consistent ball striking. Most golfers, regardless of the level of experience have a hard time repeating the same shot over and over.

Because the golf swing is a dynamic motion, any slight variation will change the outcome immensely. There are many things that go into a good consistent, straight golf shot but one of the most important keys to improving your game is ensuring the club face is square at impact!


The WrisTRAINER has been designed to be worn comfortably under or over your existing golf glove. So you wont even notice it during you practice or gameplay.
Benefits of the WrisTRAINER:

  • Universal to either left or right arm usage
  • Stand-alone from the golfers existing glove (less overall cost).
  • No need to replace device if glove wears out.
  • EVA padding adds to the comfort of the device by minimizing the friction on the wrist.
  • Wrist strap ensures the device is firmly affixed to the top of the wrist (regardless of wearing a glove).
  • Low cost relative to competition Improve Your Short Game Fast!
  • More shots are made and lost within 100yds from the cup.
  • Between putting and chipping you can dramatically lower your handicap by trying these two quick drills with the WrisTRAINER.

See how a flat lead wrist at impact keeps the clubface square

WrisTRAINER Sequence 1
The WrisTRAINER is shown on the address position on the lead wrist.

Note that the flat lead wrist points toward the target.
WrisTRAINER Sequence 2
The WrisTRAINER is shown in the 1/4 backswing position with the lead wrist flat and the lead arm straight.
WrisTRAINER Sequence 3
The WrisTRAINER is at the peak of the backswing.

You will notice that the WrisTRAINIER will inhibit the common issue of wrist breaking.
WrisTRAINER Sequence 4
The WrisTRAINER is shown on the lead wrist as the weight shift is occuring.

Note the flat lead wrist.
WrisTRAINER Sequence 5
The WrisTRAINER is shown with a flat lead wrist at impact.

The wrist is pointing again to the target and the club face is square.
WrisTRAINER Sequence 6
During the follow-through, the WrisTRAINER will keep the lead wrist from whipping about the upper body.
WrisTRAINER Sequence 7
At the top of the follow-through there will be no issues with swing mechanics.

We have all had our fair share of hooks and slices off the tee or fairway and this is due to the clubface either closing to quickly or staying open at impact. Even a slightly open face will lead to the ball straying far from the intended target line. The best way to counteract inconsistency during impact is to force the lead wrist to stay flat through the swing.

Whether your wrist lags or leads the clubface, there is a solution, the WrisTRAINER is a durable, comfortable and rigid wrist restraining device that eliminates over-active wrist motion at impact. It is the flexing of the wrists at impact that cause the clubs face to stay open or close prematurely. The result is a shot that ends up a long way from the target. This of course adds up to strokes!
  • Universal symmetrical design fits virtually all golfers.
  • Slim profile allows for for it to be worn UNDER the golf glove.
  • Semi-rigid design doesn't impede natural swing mechanics.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable
  • Can be worn in conjunction with any standard golf glove.
  • It features two straps that attach the device to the your wrist.
  • The palm strap is made of woven elastic that can be adjusted to fit any size hand.
  • The forearm strap is made of a woven nylon with Velcro adhesion to ensure comfort and adjustability is second to none.

WrisTRAINER Golf Training Aid

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