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True Ympact

Why The "Y" In The Word Impact?

This consistent position makes you a consistent golfer!

When we look across from a golfer, their arms and the golf shaft resemble the capital letter Y at address. But at impact, the lead arm functions as an extension of the golf club forming a lowercase letter y. With the TRUE YMPACT golf training aid, it is impossible to flip your wrists beyond the desired impact position.

Full Swing

You will immediately improve your ball striking! True Ympact allows you to hit golf balls placed on a golf tee! The True Ympact swing trainer provides the essential position at the moment of truth... IMPACT!
The back of the lead hand and forearm must face the target at impact! TRUE YMPACT reinforces this consistent position for consistent ball striking because the arm brace sits directly on top of the lead arm.
It is hard to understand how and when to release the club properly when your clubhead is moving at 100 miles per hour during your swing. The True Ympact swing trainer teaches this feeling of release that can only be understood by practicing with the proper training aid!

Essential for golfers of all levels - Works for right or left handers!

True Ympact.....builds consistent golf swings 3 ways:

  • Proper position at impact
  • Proper vertical hinging of the wrists for power and distance control
  • Proper release for directional control


How many times have you missed a putt by pushing or pulling off line? True Ympact is completely adjustable, offering the versatility for the personalization demanded by every golfer's personal needs.
The back of the arm plate and the lower support bar aim at the hole for consistent alignment as you address the ball. This allows for the back of the wrist and hand to be facing the target from address - through to impact.

At TRUE YMPACT, you will learn to hold your follow-through position, after the club strikes the ball (see picture #4 above). This "post strike position" allows you to see where the support bar is pointing in the follow-through. If the forearm and or the back of the hand roll excessively during your stroke, your stroke will be off-line.
The back of the forearm and arm plate must remain in a consistent position toward the hole at the moment of truth... IMPACT!


Allow True Ypmact to teach you "Y"! True Ympact is completely adjustable, and can be adjusted to pre-set your hands to lead the clubhead into the ball.
This position is recommended while leaning the shaft toward the target at all times when practicing. The lowercase letter "y" in your arms will maintain strict positioning at all times without flipping the hands or clubhead beyond the desired impact position (see picture 4 above). The True Ympact swing trainer allows every golfer to also change their address position from putting to chipping in an instant. The engineering design provides every golfer the ability to adjust the amount of "forward press" to lean the golf shaft forward as seen in the pictures above!


How many times have you skulled the ball over the green one time, and stopped the ball the next time?
Proper form and discipline are maintained while practicing with the True Ympact swing trainer.
True Ympact loads the club consistently by: supplying the proper vertical hinging of the wrists during the backswing while maintaining the flat leading wrist at impact.

Bunker Play

True Ympact will prevent you from flipping your wrist beyond the desired impact position.
If you are tired of leaving balls in the bunker, True Ympact provides the proper vertical hinge in the backswing while preventing the flipping of the hands at the ball.
True Ympact allows you to feel more "swing conscious" as the engineering design helps to pull the hands and arms through the sand.

How it Works...

Put it on your arm following the directions included with the True Ympact.

Choose any golf club in your golf bag and secure it in the lower chrome support bar. Set the dual hinge pivot to 0o and you will never flip your hands again at impact!


"My experience using the True Ympact training aid is making a noticeable difference in my golf swing. Creating the proper position for effectively hinging my wrists had always been an issue for me until my teaching pro Nancy QUARCELLINO introduced the idea of trying the True Ympact swing trainer. Although I still have work to do, I am greatly encouraged by using this teaching aid that not only accentuates the errors quickly, but it also creates the solution to properly hinge one's wrists." ~ Matthew M (Sonny) SCOGGINS Jr, CEO Tennessee Farm Bureau Insurance

"True Ympact provides great feedback for the correct impact position of trapping the ball. It teaches you to properly hinge the club and retain the lag into the impact zone. Great!" ~ Steve Bosdosh PGA Professional, Golf Magazine Top 100 Professionals In America

"Wow - Fantastic! Finally, something that lights up golf's biggest 'blind spot'. You'll learn things you never knew, and hit shots you've never hit! I use it with all my students - it's wonderful!" ~ Martin Hall PGA Professional
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