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Pro-Line Golf Ball Marking Tool
pro line golf ball marking tool
Why do the top ranked players in the world, Tiger Woods, Vigay Singh, and Brad Faxon draw a line on their golf balls?

Because it Works!

With a Pro-Line mark on your golf ball, you can literally line your ball up with your target and then simply line your putter up to the Pro-Line mark. This is a huge advantage on the course. A Pro-Line mark on the golf ball will enable you to set up to each putt confidently no matter how much the break. The clubface will always be exactly in line with the target.
pro line ball marking tool
The Pro-Line Golf Tool conforms to the USGA rules and can be used during tournament play.

The Pro-Line mark gives you immediate visual feedback regarding golf club alignment, the trueness of your putting stroke, and head position at address.

The PRO-LINE Golf Tool will save you 3 to 6 strokes off your score the first time you use it. 90% of all putts missed never had a chance of going in because the ball never started rolling down the target line. With a Pro-Line mark every player can feel confident over the ball knowing they are aligned exactly with their target.
Why do I need a Pro-Line Mark on my ball?

Any Golf professional will tell you that to score well you must make putts. To make putts you must have two things, good speed and accurate clubface alignment. Speed is very important but 90% of all putts missed are due to incorrect club alignment. Your average golfer (15 Handicap and higher) is almost never aligned with the target. Even the best player in the world is constantly struggling to get their putter properly aligned with their target.

The Pro-Line mark simplifies the difficulties of accurately aligning the clubface with the target. When visualizing the break of a putt, you don't stand over the ball, you stand behind the ball where you have a superior view of the slope in the green. Now you can line up the Pro-Line mark exactly where you want the ball to start rolling, then simply line the putter up perpendicular to the Pro-Line mark. It's that simple.

How to use

Simply snap the Pro-Line Golf Tool around your ball. The design allows the ball to rotate freely for exact positioning of the ball.

Hold the finger grips to lock the ball into place for precise marking. Insert the permanent marker into the beveled groove and mark your ball with a perfectly straight line of any length you want, using the thin or thick tip at either end of the pen. When drawing a thin line, keep the tip pressed against one side of the groove.

Push tabs apart, take your ball out, and you're ready to go.

Head Position

The Pro-Line mark will indicate whether a player's head is in the correct position at address. A player's eyes should always be directly over the ball. With your eyes directly over your ball you have a much better view of the line of the putt and the alignment of your clubface to your target. If the Pro-Line mark appears straight at address, then your head is in the correct position. If the Pro-Line mark appears curved, your head is out of position..


Club Alignment
It's easy to square up to the Pro-Line mark

It is much easier to align your putter up perpendicular to a Pro-Line mark than to align your putter up with a small target that is out of your peripheral vision.

If you have a 10' putt that breaks 8" left, usually you align your putter up 8" right of the hole. As all golfers know it is very difficult to align the face of the putter up exactly to a target that is more than a couple feet away.

With a Pro-Line mark on your ball you simply align the Pro-Line mark with the target from behind the ball when you are replacing your ball on the green.

Now you are able to focus more on the speed of the putt since the alignment has already been established.

Pro Line

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