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Tao of Golf

TAO of Golf
The Tao of Golf® is the most unique golf swing training system in the world.

Developed by martial arts expert and golf instructor Sensei Mark Anthony , the Tao of Golf® utilizes centuries old Eastern teaching principles to train a proper golf swing.

Teaching the body to move first before the brain is the Chinese way to learn .

" To attain the Tao of Golf® is to achieve peace of mind through a consistent, fluid golf swing."

---Sensei Mark Anthony

The Western way of teaching the golf swing is to demonstrate every component of the swing separately, then have the student practice while thinking of them separately, instead of thinking of the golf swing as one single, unified motion. This is a frustrating and confusing way to learn anything, especially golf.

Tao of Golf® teaches the student from the very beginning how to move by teaching the body first to execute a smooth, fluid golf swing -one without thought. Taking the brain out of the equation is the secret to learning in the Tao of Golf® . It's easy! Sensei Mark shows you how!

Using Eastern training philosophies and principles of learning that have been perfected and passed down over the ages, Sensei Mark's students quickly and easily learn a proper golf swing without all of the confusing technical terms and professional mumbo-jumbo that are associated with "tips" magazines.

Sensei Mark Anthony
By following the simple, clear and concise program presented in the Tao of Golf® video, Sensei Mark's students immediately learn to feel the proper movement of a golf swing. Without effort, students quickly find themselves hitting the ball straight consistently and with distance! Tao of Golf® is guaranteed to help anyone with their game from the most rank beginner to the scratch player. There's something in it for everyone. Students have taken up to 30 strokes off of their game in one season!
Tao of Golf® is easy to learn!
  • Three simple-to-master exercises that train a perfect golf swing instantly
  • Increase your power while achieving pinpoint accuracy
  • Learn to relax and trust your swing
  • Learn the feeling of the proper swing without your brain getting in the way
  • Will work for anyone
  • A must for the golfer in your family
  • Can practice in the off season
  • Can work for you on your first day
  • You'll never need a tune up lesson again
  • Video contains the equivalent of 10 lessons for less than the price of one --- (a $500-$800 savings!)
  • It's all you'll ever need to know about the golf swing

Available in NTSC format only (USA video format)
Not available in PAL (European) format

Your Low Price: $23.95

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