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David Leadbetter Swing Setter Pro

The Swing Setter Pro was designed to make it easy to get the feeling for a great golf swing,

hit shots longer and straighter and more importantly,

make your swing consistent on the golf course without having to over-think.

The Swing Setter Pro will help golfers of all levels.

Even for the very best players, the golf swing is a difficult motion to repeat day in and day out. However if your fundamentals are solid, your ability to have a consistent, repeating swing is far greater. The Swing Setter Pro is the secret for you to play great golf. It's simple and you'll immediately see results.

"I am always aware when teaching golfers that I need to get the feeling across to the student and not just tell him what to do. The Swing Setter Pro allows me to do just that. The real beauty of the Swing Setter Pro is that you really don't need a teacher to make improvements. I'm probably doing myself out of a job!" ~ David Leadbetter

Don't Waste Your Time Hitting Ball After Ball on the Range Without Any Feedback on Your Swing!

With The SwingSetter Pro You Will Feel Where You Have to Be and What You Have to Do to Consistently Hit Great Shots!

The biggest revelation you will have when using SwingSetter Pro is that you are easily able to feel what you have to do to hit good shots. Equally important, if you hit a bad shot, you know what you have done wrong and how to fix it.

You're going to be amazed at how solidly, consistently and far you're going to hit the golf ball.

Practicing for just a few minutes with the Swing Setter Pro will fix all of your basic swing faults and with only a little use, allow you to maintain a consistent and powerful swing.

The SwingSetter Pro is the simplest, fastest way to develop the feel for a great golf swing.

You can swing it at home or hit balls at the range and it's the perfect way to warm up for a round.

"I guarantee that the SwingSetter Pro will have you hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently the very first time you use it." ~ David Leadbetter


With a length and weight of a standard 6 iron, the SwingSetter Pro gives you real-time feedback of a traditional golf club to maximize your practice time.
Adjustable Magnetic Ball

With 3 adjustable levels, the magnetic ball splits when the wrists are properly set on the backswing, creating a "snapping" sound to help develop your timing through auditory feedback.

The Magnetic Ball will develop your ability to correctly cock your wrists on the backswing - a key power source for an accelerated release of the clubhead through impact.
Molded Grip

"Good golf begins with a good grip." 80% of golfers grip the club improperly causing numerous swing faults resulting in a loss of power and accuracy. The grip on the SwingSetter Pro will correctly place your hands on the club every time.


Developing great tempo in your golf swing will lead to longer, straighter, more consistent shots. The "snapping" of the magnetic ball on the backswing and the sound of striking the ball at impact will together give you the ideal auditory feedback to ensure repeatable tempo - a key fundamental for great golf.
Extending Plane Pointer

The Plane Pointer allows you to easily identify the proper swing plane.

Simply pull the plane pointer from the grip to check that you have a perfect takeaway and that your swing plane is not too upright or too flat.

The SwingSetter Pro corrects the five basic faults that hold back almost every golfer from quickly and easily improving their swing:
  • A poor grip

  • Incorrect wrist cock

  • The dreaded over the top/outside in path

  • No release or whip of the club head at impact

  • Poor rhythm

Grip Training - A Great Grip is the Start of a Great Swing
SwingSetter Pro Gives You a Great Grip Automatically!

I've always believed that the golf swing begins as soon you put your hands on the club. That's the first thing we address with every student at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy because if you do not grip the club correctly, it becomes very difficult to hit the ball with power, accuracy or consistency! As soon as you pick up the SwingSetter Pro you will immediately feel what it is like to hold the golf club just like the best players in the world do. Working closely with the engineers at Golf Pride, we developed a grip with built-in guides that guarantee to put your hands on the SwingSetter Pro perfectly every time.

Ben Hogan used to say, "Good golf begins with a good grip." No truer words were spoken!

So Why is the Grip So Important?
You can't set the club on the backswing or release it in your down swing if your wrists aren't able to hinge and unhinge freely, plus most importantly, the hands control the clubface. A poor grip doesn't allow your hands to work properly.

That's why the grip is the first fundamental of a great golf swing and the SwingSetter Pro will immediately make you grip the club properly every time you practice. This is vitally important because in my travels, I see at least 75% of all golfers using an incorrect grip.

Power and Accuracy

The SwingSetter Pro will teach you to properly set your wrists for greater power and accuracy!

Everyone wants to hit the ball longer, but the only way you can do that is to set and load the club by correctly, cocking the wrists on the backswing.

The snapping of the magnetic ball halfway back is ultimately going to tell you that you have done it correctly.

There are three settings for this ball, depending on your swing speed. I suggest you start with setting one.

Hearing the ball snap means that you have correctly loaded the club, but also that you are swinging on the correct plane.

It builds confidence and gets you away from complicated swing thoughts. Just simply snap it and hit the ball. Easy!

Finally Cure Your Slice and Add the Extra Yardage You've Been Looking for With the SwingSetter Pro!

Over the past 25 years, I have given hundreds of clinics around the world and the number one problem most golfers have is a slice.

Well, slice problems generally begin with a bad grip and a poor backswing. As the downswing starts, instead of the hands coming down on an inside path and retaining the shaft angle, they come away from the body, creating an over the top motion resulting in the club cutting across the ball and producing a weak slice.

The SwingSetter Pro fixes that. Loading the club on the backswing and coming down on the correct shallow plane, which you can observe by pulling out the built in Plane Pointer and checking the angle, makes for a powerful, consistent golf swing.

A few very slow swings and you'll immediately get the feeling for letting the club come down from the inside.

It's that easy! Having the confidence of knowing that you are in the proper position at the top and coming down allows you to really accelerate and release the club squarely at impact producing longer, straighter shots.

The sound of the ball snapping going back time after time will improve your tempo, rhythm and timing too. The better players love hearing that sound - it really helps to build a repeating swing!

David Leadbetter Swing Setter Pro

Medium/Large - Right Hand

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