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Golf's #1 Tempo-Training Device

swing Tempo
Swing Tempo allows you to calibrate the duration of your backswing, topswing, and downswing with 1/10th of a second digital accuracy.

You can set and retain your own ideal tempo to improve consistency with every club in the bag.

Unlike other trainers that analyze your swing after the fact, you swing in sync to the Swing-Tempo signals to find your best tempo

With three learning methods that allow you to see, hear, and feel your perfect tempo, Swing-Tempo delivers a consistent tempo from tee to green with every club in your bag
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What can Swing-Tempo do for you?
Compact and discreet, Swing-Tempo was designed to elevate all aspects of your game. Use it to correct common swing faults or to focus on specific parts of your game. Swing-Tempo is ideal for:
  • Take the range swing to the course
  • Slow it down when you get too quick
  • Maintain focus by blocking out tension and anxiety
  • Eliminate overswinging, slicing, and quickness over the top
  • Maintain balance and control with your chips and drives
  • Allows you to program the tempo of your favorite pro
  • use during pre-shot routines
  • use at the driving range
  • use while you play or practice

Finding Your Ideal Tempo…

GP Golf provides five recommended tempo settings as a foundation to find your ideal tempo. If feel your tempo is different, simply adjust Swing-Tempo to your liking.

Swing-Tempo Unit
Suede Carrying Case
2 AAA Batteries
Instructional Manual with Tour Pro Tempos
Instructional DVD

Also includes a Bonus DVD:
Golf Tips from Hale Irwin
Swing Tempo CyberVision

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