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swing hat golf training aid Hear what your Swing is Telling You

Monitor Spine Angle and Tempo

Get Instant Audio Feedback

Adjust Settings for any Skill Level

Improve your swing and putting stroke with the SwingHat! Ideal for practice on the range or course, the SwingHat combines a microchip, adjustable controls, and a contoured earphone-all in a comfortable cap.

How the SwingHat Improves Your Game

Can you really get accurate, real-time feedback on your swing from a cap? Absolutely! The SwingHat's smartGolf™ technology combines a motion sensor to detect spine angle movement and an adjustable metronome to pace your swing tempo. By transmitting instant audio feedback tones through a form-fitting earphone, the SwingHat helps you improve WHILE you swing and putt.
swing hat golf training aid swing hat golf training aid swing hat golf training aid
SmartGolf Technology

Created by a team of leading engineers, with input from teaching pros, the SwingHat contains two microchips that together comprise our smartGolf™ technology.

Comfortable and discreet, the SwingHat looks like any other golf cap. But don't let its simplicity fool you. The SwingHat is one of the most advanced golf learning tools available today. Powered by a state-of-the-art microprocessor and proprietary software, the SwingHat delivers unmatched accuracy and speed.

Motion Sensor Chip

The accelerometer (or motion sensor chip) measures spine angle, while a central 25 Mhz microprocessor acts as the "brains" of the SwingHat, accepting data from the accelerometer, powering the metronome, and generating all of the feedback tones.

Programmed to detect movement at a sampling rate of 145 times per second, the accelerometer captures even the slightest vertical spine angle movement in real time while ignoring rotational and lateral movement (which are acceptable in moderation).

swinghat swing hat golf training aidAs the accelerometer measures spine movements that deviate from the sensitivity level that you pre-set, the SwingHat transmits an audio signal in real time, indicating the exact moment your spine angle shift exceeds this threshold.

While the accelerometer captures spine angle data, the SwingHat's microprocessor works to process this data and power the metronome. Adjustable to match your desired swing tempo, the metronome guides your pace while you swing and putt.

With the ability to set the tempo from 45 - 95 beats per minute, the metronome helps you achieve a consistent swing tempo by communicating subtle beat tones to guide your pace. You can even set the metronome to mimic the tempo of the world's best golf pros!

The SwingHat's sophisticated technology paves the way for impressive results: dramatic improvements in your swing and consistently lower scores on the course.

Why Use the SwingHat

Two universal principles underlying a solid golf swing are consistent spine angle and tempo. Below are a few real world examples to help you understand why each of these skills is so important to making a good swing and achieving consistent ball striking.

Mastering Your Spine Angle

Remember tetherball - the old game where you punched a rubber ball around a post in the ground? This is a physical system very similar to the golf swing. The rubber ball is like your clubhead and the post is like your spine. When put in motion, the ball moves in a predictable plane around the pole returning to the same place each time it comes around.

Now try to imagine how difficult tetherball would be if the pole wasn't firmly planted in the ground. A wobbly pole would create a completely unpredictable ball flight and make it very difficult to judge where the ball was going to be as it came zooming by each time.

The same applies to the golf swing. If your spine angle remains constant your clubhead will return to the same place it started the swing. Fat shots and skulls will become a thing of the past. The Swinghat can give you the feedback you need to create a system that will promote solid ball striking every time.

Consistent Tempo - Consistent Swing

Ever cracked a bull whip? It takes perfect timing to really get that loud crisp cracking sound. Start forward too soon and you get no power. Wait too long and the whip falls on the ground behind you. You can be as strong as an ox, but if you can't get the timing right you'll never hear that loud satisfying crack.

The golf swing is the same way. Your body needs to fire down at the ball from the legs up. If you try to start the downswing too fast you won't generate any torque or power. Likewise if you let the magic moment pass your arms will never catch up to your body. Finding your best personal tempo is about experimentation.

If you are generally a fast walker and talker you will probably swing with a little quicker tempo than someone with a slow methodical personality. The important thing is to find a tempo that works for you and stick with it. The Swinghat offers a range of tempos from 45-95 beats per minute. Below are the swing tempos from some of the best players in the world:

Swing Tempos From Top Pros:
Metronome Cadence (Beats/Minute)
Fred Couples 68
Sergio Garcia 73
Ernie Els 73
Tiger Woods 73
Greg Norman 75
Vijay Singh 75
Nick Faldo 80
Retief Goosen 80
Davis Love III 82
Phil Mickelson 82
Mike Weir 87
Nick Price 98

Developing a Great Putting Stroke
Another important benefit to consistent tempo can be found on the putting green. The Swinghat can be set to metronome only mode. This mode allows the user to work on just tempo. Consistent tempo is a key element in good putting. The best putters in the world practice with a metronome. The reason for this is distance control. Excellent putters have consistent tempo on all length putts. This allows them to control the distance by simply changing the length of the stroke.

A quick look at the physics behind the pendulum motion shows why this method works so well. Due to the constant period of a pendulum cycle, the only variable affecting the speed of the putter head is the length of the swing arc. Therefore if tempo remains constant you can judge very precisely how far a putt will travel solely by the length of your stroke. This will make you a far more consistent putter.

What Teaching Pro's are Saying
The SwingHat is the most innovative learning tool I've seen in years. I would recommend this to any of my students who are having problems with tempo or head movement. Just the placebo effect of having a system to monitor head motion is amazing. I've enjoyed watching the transformation of wild swings to controlled precision swings when I put the hat on students. A wonderful supplement to lessons with a certified teaching pro.

—Dennis Mitchell, PGA Teaching Pro
Wow. This thing really works. I've been trying to find a way for years to help students not to lift up. It's nice to have a way to give them completely objective feedback. It's helped my distance control on the putting green also. A steal for the money.

—Don Giovannini, PGA Teaching Pro
Great Product. My students have actually been using it when they practice. I've seen some very impressive improvement between lessons. It seems to have a calming effect on people. I've watched the most jerky swings turn into fluid things of beauty. It forces people to concentrate on tempo and control their body. I'm very impressed.

—Jeff Anderson, PGA Teaching Pro
I use the Swinghat regularly during my daily practice sessions. It is helping me to keep a rock steady head and even out my tempo from driver down to sand wedge. I had a tendency to get quick with the driver and long irons. Better tempo has helped me considerably with distance control and accuracy.

—Shane Dews, Mini-Tour Player, Aspiring Tour Pro

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