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golf training aids
Spot-On Golf Coaching Set
Includes Instructional DVD

spot-on golf coaching set
Endorsed by PGA Tour Pro, Justin Rose
" I am so convinced that the Spot-On Golf products will help your game, that I use them myself”....Justin Rose

Spot-On Golf Coaching System Includes:
Spot-On Swing Plane
The Spot-On golf Swing Plane is the simple but accurate way to check you are swinging on the correct swing lane for each and every club in your bag.
Golfers have only one swing, but each golf club has its own swing plane.
The Spot-On Swing Plane is quick and easy to fit to your clubs and easy to use!

The swing plane is the angle of the club shaft to the ground at address.Each golf club we use has it’d own unique swing plane angle. This angle is dependent on the length of the shaft and the height of the player using the club.
spot-on swing  plane
How it works
The Spot On Swing Plane is a simple measuring stick for the swing plane.

The two vials are geared to allow you to adjust the measusring angle for each club you want to practice with. When adjusting the vials for the lie of the club (the swing plane angle), adjust the green vial to get the bubble between the lines.
The Swing Plane is fastened to the club just below the club’s grip, making sure the green vial is lined up to the center of the shaft.

The normal stance is taken and the ball addressed as normal.

Then adjust the vial by moving the green vial to get the bubble between the lines.
Can be used for Left Handers simply rotate the green and red vials 180 degrees
The club is then swung until the left arms is parallel with the ground so the hands are in line with the center of the chest.

If the club is swung on the correct plane the red vial bubble will be in the center of the lines.

If the club is swung flat of upright the bubble will not be between the lines.

Spot-On Easygrip
Spot On Grip is the revolutionary new golf grip training aid that can be fitted to the clubs you use and does not alter the club's characteristics. It suits everyone regardless of age or ability and is perfect for golf grip muscle memory as your coach can set up Spot On Grip for your own needs and hand size.

The Spot-On Grip has been designed in conjunction Spot-On Swing Plane and will suit any of the three styles of golf grip you may use - the Vardon grip, the interlocking grip or the baseball grip.

Spot On Grip is the only training grip that can be set on the golf club to show the position of the hands in relation to the position of the golf club face for each shape of shot.

You can fit Spot On Grip to any club and adjust it for a square alignment on woods for full shots, or an open alignment on sand-wedges for bunker shots.

Spot-On Easytee
spot-on easytee
Spot-On Easytee is the world's first two piece golf tee - for the perfect tee shot every time!

More Distance
It features a unique bristle head that has been engineered to fit your golf ball exactly, offering maximum support with least stroke resistance so your drives travel further.

More Accurate
The two-piece design allows you to adjust the height to suit your choice of club. Use the bottom ring mark when you choose a driver and the top ring mark with your fairway woods or long irons. With no more trial and error, your drives will be straighter and your aim truer.

More Durable
Made from strong durable plastic, Spot-On Easytees last longer than normal, making them more cost effective to use.

Small Change - Big Difference!
By making just one small change to your golfing routine, you can make a massive difference to your performance on the course - which is why golfers of all ages, standards and handicaps are switching to Spot-On Easytee.

Spot-On Easytee has been accepted by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews as a competition permissable tee.

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