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Symple Swing
The Powerfully Simple, Easy To Learn, Amazing New Golf Swing
Includes Instructional DVD
Symple Swing is the easy-to-learn powerfully simple next generation golf swing.

Symple Swing has been designed from the ground up to be the easiest possible way to learn to hit a golf ball long and straight.

Not only is the Symple Swing at least ten times quicker to learn than the traditional swing but it turned out to be a longer, more accurate and much more consistent swing.

In our initial testing golfers experienced more distance, more accuracy, much more consistency, lots more confidence.
Watch the Symple Swing in action!
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Treat yourself to the benefits of a brand new swing!

  • So simple that an average golfer can learn the basic swing in under one hour.
  • You will gain 20 yards or more in distance with your driver
  • You will gain one club or more in distance with your irons
  • Your accuracy will improve 50% or more
  • You will enjoy 1000% more confidence
  • Your clubface stays square to the during the whole swing so it's automatically square at impact
  • You will just about eliminate fat shots and tops
  • Symple Swing is guaranteed to immediately end your slicing problems.
  • If you do make a bad shot, you will instantly be able to tell what you did wrong (Self Correction System)
  • Symple Swing is the most back friendly swing in golf
  • Your address position pre-sets you for impact so there are many fewer body parts moving during your swing.
  • You will enjoy golf more than you ever had before
  • You only have to learn one swing. Symple Swing works works well for woods and irons
See the video of the benefits!
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The 3 Key Elements of the Symple Swing are:

1. The PowerThumb Grip™

2. The PowerSet Stance™

3. The Shoulder Plane Swing

These 3 elements are what make the Symple Swing so powerfully simple.

The PowerThumb
Allows the club to stay on plane with the clubface always square. This mean you don't have to manipulate the club to get it back to square at impact.

The PowerSet stance
  • Uses some elements that already exist in your backswing and makes them part of your pre-swing set-up routine, which makes Symple Swing easy to learn.

  • This simplifies the actual swing. There's no time pressure in your pre-swing set up so it's much easier now to make sure these elements are correct. It's like part of your backswing is already done for you.

  • Reduces the motion of the lower body yet it creates a very strong base to enable you to hit with your full power. The power braced front leg was modeled after the motion of home run hitters in baseball. If you look at the lower body action of your favorite home run hitter, you will see many similarities to the Symple Swing.

The Shoulder Plane Swing
We call the Symple Swing a "shoulder powered swing" because the swing is dominated by your front shoulder. The shoulders start the backswing and the shoulders start the downswing. The shoulders are the key to much of the increased distance that golfers experience with the Symple Swing.

Our testing has shown that the average golfer using Symple Swing gains 10% or more in distance. We expected that the increased distance would really please most golfers but we were slightly surprised that the golfers were actually even happier with the 50% increase in accuracy and the big increase in their consistency. Many golfers were amazed to find that their lifelong slice was finally gone for good.

Beginning golfers can learn the Symple Swing in an hour. With a few of hours of additional practice they can be ready to venture out on the course and have a successful experience.

Higher handicappers who have been playing a while actually take a little longer than beginners because they have some bad habits to "unlearn." Fortunately, Symple Swing is so easy that these bad habits are usually unlearned in one or two sessions.

The Symple Swing Video Instruction package includes:
  • Bonus "Simple Chipping Video"
  • Bonus "Drills Video"
  • Symple Swing Manual
  • Symple Swing Chipping Manual
  • Drills and Self Correction Manual
  • Set of Help Cards
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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Symple Swing™ easier to learn than all other golf swings?
The quick answer is that there are fewer moving parts in Symple Swing and the parts that do move, move in simpler motions. Symple Swing has been designed over 10 years. It has been engineered from the ground up to be the easiest possible way to efficiently hit a golf ball.

Is Symple Swing only good for beginners?
Absolutely not. Beginners will see the quickest benefits because they do not have any bad habits to unlearn like most golfers do. Our success with mid and low handicappers is just as great as with beginners. However, we realize that it is a very big commitment for a mid or low handicapper to make a major swing change. We figure mid and low handicapper will be motivated enough to try Symple Swing as soon as they play a round with a beginning Symple Swinger.

You say I'll gain 10% more distance with Symple Swing. How can that be?
Actually you will probably see more of a distance gain than that but we scaled back our claims to make them be more believable. Higher handicap golfers will actually see the largest percentage gains because they have so much room for improvement. It's possible some very long hitting low handicappers or pros might pick up less that 10% distance. For real long hitters the biggest benefits may be in accuracy and consistency. They'll probably find that they're a bit longer but they will suddenly be much more accurate even on their longest drives.

What you mean when you say I'll be 50% more accurate?
Here we are talking about the width of your dispersion pattern. Let's say you normally spray your 5 iron up to 30 yards right and up to 20 yards left for a dispersion pattern a total of 50 yards wide. We're saying that your dispersion pattern with Symple Swing will shrink to 25 yards wide. This means you'll hit lots more greens and be a lot closer to the pin. (Yes, we realize that halving pattern technically means we’re 100% more accurate.)

Are any PGA touring pro's using Symple Swing?
Not at the present time. Symple Swing is brand new and has not been shown to any touring pros yet.

Is Symple Swing like Natural Golf?
No. There are a couple of minor similarities but Symple Swing has just as much in common with the traditional golf swing. Symple Swing is much easier to learn than Natural Golf and it’s much longer.

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