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The Rope-It Backyard Practice Range
Turn Your Backyard Into A Practice Range!

The Rope It is specifically designed for golfers to practice and improve their game, in a limited area.
rope it golf training aid

Safely Practice In Your Backyard
rope-it golf training aid
With A Real Golf Ball!
  • It is a real golf ball,
    Not a practice ball.

  • It shows 20 yards of flight,
    Unlike a golf net.

  • Practice in your backyard,
rope it backyard driving range
  • An incredible practice aid, The Rope It utilizes a real golf ball and allows you to visualize flight path of the ball beyond 20 yards!

  • You can easily see when you are hitting a slice or hook by the visual feedback and feel of the ball off the club face. The ball flies straight and the shot feels pure when the ball is struck well.

  • Golfers of any skill level will benefit from practice at home with the Rope It. Try it and you will be amazed by just how addicting it is.

"The Rope It is the next best thing to a driving range. I love that I can hit a real ball right in my backyard. It is much better than my old net. Anyone who wants to be a more consistent ball striker should get one."

-John, CA

Practice with The Rope It is convenient, affordable, effective
and most importantly fun!

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