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Refiner Pro 5 Iron
Includes Instructional DVD
How Refiner Works Video
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Rick Bradshaw,
PGA Tour Instructor, trains the Pro's and recommends the
Refiner Pro over the Medicus!
  • Instant Feedback because the Refiner will break at the hinge if you swing improperly! This allows you to feel the breakdown in your swing and instinctively make the necessary corrections!

  • Rick Bradshaw says the Refiner Pro is the quickest and most natural way to improve your swing

  • Maximizes the use of your practice time

  • Adjustable Hinge Tension

  • Engineered to hit golf balls!
The Refiner is the Most Advanced Hinge Trainer Available Today!

More Golfers Prefer the REFINER PRO!

Why Pay More!

refiner 5 Iron rick bradshaw recommends it over the medicus 5 Iron!

refiner 5 Iron hinged training club better than medicus!

refiner 5 Iron adjustable hinge, engineered to hit golf balls, better than medicus!

refiner 5 Iron has adjustable tension in the hinge!  Better than Medicus!
Used By Beginners and the Pro's on Tour!

The Refiner Hinge Video
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The Refiner Swing Video
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The Refiner is a PATENTED two-way adjustable-hinged 5 Iron, engineered to HIT GOLF BALLS and teach a smooth, even-tempo swing. The accompanying allen key allows users to maintain optimum calibration. Whether you are a beginner or a Pro, The Refiner will refine your golf swing and take strokes off your game!

The Beginner can actually feel and see where the club should be throughout the golf swing.

The lower handicap golfer can improve tempo and timing.

Refiner's patented hinge will break when a swing flaw occurs, giving you instant feedback.

The Refiner Pro breaks at the hinge of your swing suffers from any of the following:
  • Excessive grip pressure
  • Open / closed club face
  • Improper swing plane
  • Casting
  • Improper lower body movement
  • Incomplete follow-through
  • Improve your tempo, obtain the ideal grip pressure and swing on plane.

The Refiner will allow you to:
  • Practice at the range or at home
  • Receive instant feedback
  • Improve tempo, timing, and clubhead position.
  • Practice any time of the year.
  • Make better contact with the ball, hitting it straighter and further.
  • The Refiner makes a great, unique gift.

Why is the Refiner better than the Medicus?
Answers to your frequently asked questions!
Q Does the Refiner do everything the Medicus does? A Yes! Plus it does a few things Medicus does NOT do, such as it is engineered to hit golf balls AND you can adjust the tension on the hinge!
Q What is the difference between the Refiner & the Medicus? A The designed of the hinge mechanism of the ReFiner is different to that of the Medicus. It is adjustable, and is more durable.
Q Why do you think the Refiner Pro is better? A It is our opinion that the Refiner hinge has better action and less wear problems.

The Refiner hinge tension may be adjusted by the user (Patent #5,277,427).

Because of the design difference upon hitting a ball the Refiner feels much better and true.

The Refiner hinge is also lighter and resembles the weight of an actual golf club.

The price of the club is less.
MEDICUS challenges ReFiner in court and case is dismissed. After 7 years of litigation brought by Medicus, RefinerŪ is allowed to continue to sell it's adjustable hinged training club.
The marketplace does have a viable choice. Buy the club that wears in not out.

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