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Players Image
Exclusively the only product used by the Tiger Woods Foundation
Includes Instructional DVD

  • EXCLUSIVELY used by the Tiger Woods Foundation

  • Used extensively at First Tee Chapters
  • Editor's Pick and
    4 Star Rating by Golf Magazine!

  • #4 Ranking overall and highly recommended by Golf Digest

The Player's Image is a fun and easy practice system you can use in the privacy of your own home or at the driving range.

Most golfers have great difficulty correcting errors in their golf swing because they can't see what they're doing wrong in their pre-swing and in-swing positions.

Players Image is a mirror - so you can see exactly what you are doing!
With The Player's Image

you can see

what you are doing wrong

and what you are doing right.

Player's Image Product Features:

player's image
  1. Shoulder Alignment Lines - these lines are used to track correct placement of shoulders in all aspects of swing.

  2. Feet Placement Markers - there are two feet placement markers - one for your left foot and one for your right. Use to align feet and monitor stance width.

  3. Ball Position Markers - there are three ball position markers - one each for a driver, 5-iron, and 7-iron. These ball positions are approximate. Actual ball position may vary slightly depending on the individual golfer. Use a temporary or permanent marker to add ball positions for as many clubs as you like.

  4. Head Position - There are two head position boxes - "Head at Address" and "Head and Shoulder at Top of Swing". Use these boxes to monitor and correct weight transfer.

  5. In-Swing Checkpoints - there are two important in-swing checkpoints located in the lower right-hand position of the Player's Image ("Shaft at 9 o'clock" checkpoint and the second is labeled "Butt of Club at Top of Swing"). Use a temporary or permanent marker to indicate your perfect checkpoints.

  6. Putting Circles - Use these guides to view your putting, setup, (alignment, clubface) and stroke.

How to Use the Player's Image:
Pre-Swing Fundamentals - Posture

Posture refers to the golfer's stance, balance, weight distribution, and the angle of the golfer's spine.

Incorrect posture will result in a loss of distance and accuracy in your golf shots.

Feet Placement

Proper foot placement is easy to achieve with the Players Image.
player's image golf training aid
For a right-handed golfer, place your left foot near the left foot marker and aproximately 1 inch off of the Player's Image (as shown)
  • The toe of your left foot should be slightly flared to your left. This helps you to turn correctly when making your swing.
  • Place your right foot at the right foot marker, according to your shirt size.
  • Your feet should now be placed roughly shoulder width apart with your weight distributed evenly between the balls of your feet and your heels. Feel the balance you now have achieved.
Knee Flex

Bend your knees until they appear in the bottom of the Player's Image and then straighten the knees until they just disappear.

The front of your kneecaps should be directly over the balls of your feet.

Feel the balance you now have achieved.
Spine Angle

Bend forward from the hips (not the waist) until your shoulders are directly over your kneecaps.
At this point your shoulders should be visible on or between the shoulder alignment lines on the Player's Image

Shoulders that are above the bold alignment line indicate you are bent over too far.

Shoulders that are below the bottom line indicate you are not bent over enough.
In the perfect setup position we should be able to draw a straight line from the balls of your feet through the front of your kneecaps and shoulders to just below the base of your neck.
Arms and Hands

Next, allow your arms to hang freely from your shoulders, palms facing each other.

Bring the palms of your hands together, directly below your shoulders.

This is the correct hand position for a 5-iron through a sand wedge. For longer clubs you may want to position your hands further away (under chin in the Player's Image) while still maintaining balance between the balls of your feet and your heels.

Your hands should appear within the shoulder alignment lines.

What the Golf Media Says:
from Golf Digest Staff




What the Pro's Say:
"The Player's Image is Awesome! The Player's Image allows me to setup correctly every time. I then use the Player's Image to monitor my ken in-swing positions."

            Tom Purzer, 5 Time PGA Tour Winner - Rookie on Senior Tour

"Throughout my career I have fought alignment errors. Poor alignment leads to other errors such as poor swing plane. I use the Player's Image to check and self correct my alignment both at home and on the practice range."

            Don Pooley, 2002 US Senior Open Champion

"I use the Player's Image to monitor my top of swing chaft position. Throughout my career I have fought having the shaft laid off (i.e. too flat). The Player's Image allows me to easily monitor and self correct this position."

            Tom Jenkins, Senior Tour Player

"I like how the Player's Image provides an easy way for me to check my alignment. It helps me setup the same way everytime without looking back in a standup mirror and without checking and rechecking a video. I can see that my shoulders are setup and I know that I'm aligned to my target; it's simple.

            Jeanne-Marie Busuttil, LPGA Tour Player

"The Player's Image is the best training aid we've ever used."

            Ron Akin, PGA Professional - Gateway PGA President 2002

"The whole point of practice is to ingrain correct swing habits, and that's what the Player's Image does for you."

            Terry Grosch, PGA Master Professional - Top instructor in Missouri

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