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Load Properly - Stop Swaying
PivotPro Eliminates Swaying and Promotes Correct Pivot

PivotPro will force you to load properly by turning against your back leg without swaying.

The less moving parts that you have the more likely you are to have a consistent and repeatable swing.

Characteristics of a Reverse Pivot in the Swing.
  • The reverse pivot occurs when the golfer's back leg is straight and the body weight is shifted to the front leg at the top of the swing.

  • The head moves towards the target on the back swing and dips low.

  • The right hip slides or sways to the right instead of turning out of the way, causing the center of gravity to move outside golfer’s legs.

  • The left leg bends too much and the right leg straightens.

  • At the top of the back swing the left knee points to the left of the ball instead of pointing to the right of it.

  • On the follow through the golfers weight ends up on the right leg with the sole of the foot planted on the ground.

  • At the end of the swing pain is often felt in the right hand side of the lower back, a result of the spine rocking back and forward rather than the body to turn round it.

Weight Transfer

Top of the Swing—Touring and professional golfers transfer 90% of their body weight to the back leg during the back swing while amateurs transferred only 50% of their weight to their back leg at the top of the swing.

Down Swing—On the initiation of the downswing, amateurs only transferred 65% of their weight resulting in the classic reverse pivot position, as oppose to professional golfer’s that put a force of 110% of their body weight to the front leg.

Stop Tilting - Start Turning
for Better Golf Shots
and Less Back Pain

Stop Tilting

Start Turning

for Better Golf Shots

and Less Back Pain

What all shoe sizes does PivotPro accommodates?
PivotPro's versatile design is fully adjustable and can accommodate shoe sizes 7 through 14.

Do you offer PivotPro for Left Handed players?
Unfortunately, PivotPro is not available for left hand golfers at this time.

Can I hit full shots with PivotPro?
Absolutely YES, PivotPro unique and versatile design allows you to practice full shots. PivotPro's unique design allows you to practice virtually anywhere you like. Practice in your backyard, office, home or at the driving range. (Please read instruction sheet provided with your PivotPro for safe practice).

How can PivotPro help me with my chipping?
PivotPro forces you to put majority of your weight (approx. 70 - 30) onto the left foot. A major factor in hitting consistent chip shots is for the hands to lead the clubface through impact. Place the ball towards the back of the stance and your hands ahead of the ball this will force you to keep the hands ahead of the ball and not allow your wrist to dominate the shot. It will also help you stay centered and hit chip shots with the correct downward strike.

Can I practice with PivotPro in my office or home.
Yes, you can practice indoors or out - however please use PivotPro in a room wide enough to swing the golf club. Only use PivotPro on a carpeted surface, which is either glued, or one that is installed from wall-to-wall and is secured with tension strips.

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