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Golf's MVP Red Heat

Feel the perfect swing!
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The Golf's MVP Red Heat has a proven, patented training technology that will add yards to your drives and have you swinging like a pro.

Golf’s MVP is a unique swing training system that teaches by feel.

Designed to replicate the perfect, repeatable swing of the Iron Byron machine, Golf’s MVP recreates that precision in the human arm—with a locking cable system that guides your hands into the ideal striking position and encourages proper lower body motion.

Golf’s MVP Red Heat will help you achieve a powerful late release for increased distance and accuracy. No wonder it’s the Official Power Trainer of Long Drivers of America.

Inspired by the Iron Byron—the industry gold standard for the perfect, repeatable golf swing—Golf MVP’s patented training technology uses biomechanics to recreate that precision for the human arm.

Connect the instant feedback clip to any club in your bag and Golf’s MVP Red Heat will:
  • put your swing perfectly on plane and in-the-slot
  • train delayed release of your hands for more powerful,
  • solid shots
  • increase lag for maximum velocity at impact
  • give immediate feedback for rapid improvement
  • Golf’s MVP is guaranteed to add distance to your drives and
  • lower your scores! So order right now!
For golfers of all levels and abilities. Golf’s MVP Red Heat is right for anyone from beginners to low handicappers. Even many pros tell us they warm up with Red Heat to perfect their timing. The unique instant feedback clip prevents common swing flaws while the adjustable Power Gauge allows you to find the ideal starting point at which the clip stays on the club during your swing. Then, as you gradually adjust the Power Gauge toward Maximum, you will visually witness and physically feel your progressive improvement—keeping you encouraged and motivated to continue.
Golf's MVP Red Heat Golf Training Aid Here’s how it works

  • Creates the ideal power positions at the top of your backswing.
  • Guides correct downswing sequence.
  • Dramatically increases club head lag.
  • Trains delayed release of the hands before impact.

Here’s why it works

This amazing product will help you learn how to lock in the power angles that deliver a consistent, late release in your downswing.

It will help you create lag to unload the shaft with maximum velocity and power, something guaranteed to add yards to your drives.

Golf’s MVP does what no other training technology can: actually show you how it FEELS when you drop the club into the slot and return it to the ball perfectly on plane. Use Golf’s MVP Red Heat:
  • Use with your own clubs
  • On the range or on the course
  • With a ball or without
"Teaches a correct grip - instantly!"
Experience the power of the perfect golf swing with our new Red Heat edition. Once you know how it feels, you will be able to repeat the swing over and over again, resulting in more power, better consistency and lower scores. The MVP is so universally effective, we guarantee it will improve your game, no matter what your skill level! Golf's MVP Red Heat comes complete with:

Training DVD
Watch as the Golf's MVP Training Team gives you step-by-step instruction and drills to get the most out of your Golf's MVP Red Heat training experience. This updated DVD comes FREE with purchase.

Quick Start Guide
Handy written and illustrated version of our step-by-step instruction to keep in your bag. The guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Golf's MVP Red Heat.

Training Clip Series NEW
Your Golf's MVP comes with 3 feedback clips that allow you to customize the MVP for your swing and progressively challenge yourself to improve lag and power. FREE with purchase.

Proprietary Sleeve Technology NEW
The Red Heat Edition has a sporty new moisture-wicking sleeve. The natural moisture-transporting feature of the fabric helps maintain a dry surface next to the skin for added comfort. Environmentally friendly and recyclable. Our new standard sleeve size will fit almost all arms (to XL).

Every amateur wants more distance, and Red Heat delivers. From tee to green, from address to finish, no other training product has ever come close!
-- Art Sellinger
Two-Time National
Long Drive Champion
I am asked to put my name on dozens of training devices and I rarely say YES. But the first time I hit balls with Golf's MVP Red Heat, I knew I needed to be involved with this one.
-- Gary Koch
PGA Tour
Champions Tour
NBC Sports Analyst
In just two months, by wearing Golf’s MVP, it’s helped my right arm on the backswing, keep the width in my right arm, and hold the angle. That’s where I get my distance. As I go back out on the Tour this season, I’m definitely taking Golf’s MVP with me.
-- Gary Hallberg
3-time PGA Tour Winner
Golf's MVP is making my job a whole lot easier.
-- John Elliott
Golf's Digest Top 30 Instructor
Finally! A training aid that can help a player feel the ‘grey area' of the swing: the proper release. That's the most difficult part of the swing to feel, teach, and learn
-- Maria Palozola
Top LPGA Instructor
This MVP really works. I’ve never seen a training aid that could fix so many problems so quickly
-- Gary Pinns
Golf Digest Top Teacher in the Midwest
During my time working with David Leadbetter and Jim McLean, I had the opportunity to test out a lot of training aids. Golf’s MVP is the best one I’ve seen. Nothing else provides immediate feedback while allowing amateurs and professionals to work on the most important position in the golf swing -- at impact
-- CJ Goecks
Golf Digest Top 20 Instructors in Texas

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Golf's MVP Red Heat

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