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Dr. Gary Wiren's Key

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Dr Gary Wiren's Key Golf Training Aid
The right hand (for right handed players) can be a good golf friend or a swing destroying enemy. It all depends on how one uses it. Ben Hogan once commented that he wished he "had two right hands", providing of course his left one arrived first.

Thatís what the Key makes possible. It positions the right hand correctly, similarly to Hoganís, thus helping provide the delayed hit for greater distance and more consistent accuracy. Correct right hand release, aided by the Key, also discourages both fat and thin shots with the irons. Even putting and chipping benefits as the right hand becomes correctly positioned. The Key is pre-bent to fit the wrist position of most hands. One of the Keyís distinct advantages, however, is that it is malleable and can be adjusted to fit any hand.

Of all the important points about this outstanding product, don't overlook the fact that The Key is the ONLY wrist brace on the market that is both adjustable, and does not restrict your fingers! The player retains full manual dexterity, but is discouraged from forcing the shot with the right side.

The Key may also be used on the left hand for feeling solid impact for either the chip, pitch, putt or full swing. You can accomplish this by bending the unit back to level and slightly beyond (to about 10 degrees beyond straight) so it encourages the left wrist to be slightly convex. It is best if you use a left-handed Key for this, since it is designed for the left hand, but the right-handed model can be comfortably used. Don't wait another minute to improve your game. Learn Dr. Gary Wiren's Key to better golf!

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Dr Gary Wiren's Key

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