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Dura-Pro Plus® DivotHit Golf Mat
The "Fairway Simulator"

Fairway lie every shot            3-3/4" Wide X 12 " Long            Premier Astroturf
  • Divot Hit golf mat sets up level with the grass so you don't have to choke up on the club or change your swing plain arc.

  • "Smooth" impact from the moving divot and contact with grass and dirt after the ball allows you to accelerate down through the ball and follow-through completely.

  • Eliminates the unrealistic forgiveness of brush mats

  • Includes 5 long tees and 3 extra-long (4-1/2") tees for a more secure anchor in unusual conditions (sandy soil, etc.).

  • Sets up in line with your target for swing-path and alignment training.

DivotHit's two-piece technology (patented) absorbs club-head impact keeping it anchored in place using only golf tees.

The DivotHit moves forward for minimum resistance and automatically returns for continuous golf shots without re-fastening.

The Anytime Anywhere Fairway. Use it in your yard and save your grass. Have fun and improve your feel for pitch shots (precise ball contact is especially important). Groove your full-iron golf swing using practice golf balls.

Use with Irons

Use with your driver

How long does the DivotHit Last?
DivotHit golf mats actually last longer than other golf mats, including full size mats because there is no violent impact between the clubface and the mat.

While other golf mats remain stationary causing every shot to rip & tear at the surface, DivotHit moves forward with the club upon the slightest contact so there is no grabbing damage on the hitting surface.

Since nothing is holding the divot piece to the club, it simply releases from the clubface so there is no wear caused by continued usage.

Some of the demos have over 35,000 shots on them and they still look and perform like new!

How strong are the bungee cords?
DivotHit golf mats are made with industrial bungee cord for a long lasting golf mat.

They have a 2 to 1 stretch ratio that means they can expand forward 2 feet before even approaching their maximum elasticity.

Since the club is not fastened to the golf mat, the bungee cords are stretched only slightly before the mat releases from the upward moving club.

The average motion of the divot piece is 1/4" - 2" with good ball contact, 3" - 4" in a fat shot. Therefore, the cords are minimally stretched considering their potential range of elasticity. They last for years under these conditions.

How can the golf mat remain in place using only golf tees to fasten it?
Do I have to reposition it every couple of shots?
DivotHit golf mats remain in position for 100's of shots without being refastened! This is achieved by the patented construction of two pieces which utilizes two sets of tees: 1) to hold the anchor piece that is independent of 2) the bungee cord.
What are the benefits of practicing with DivotHit?
DivotHit golf mats promote good ball contact & fat hits = fat shots.

It reacts & feels like real turf allowing you to groove a golf swing that's effective on the course. You reinforce hitting the ball first as you hit under & accelerate through the ball, taking a divot after the ball.

Dura-Pro Plus® DivotHit Features
  • Premier Astroturf®. Professional grade, woven nylon fibers.
  • Unique 3mm dense foam base for a soft but firm (not spongee) fairway feel & look.
  • Plastic tracks (under anchor piece) allow free forward & return motion of bun-gee cord.
  • Specially designed adhesive cures flexible and soft yet extremely durable.
  • Industrial strength bungee cord.
  • "Brass" eyelets (tee holes).
  • Hand crafted for superior quality golf mats that last for years.
  • Completely portable. Dimensions 3-3/4"W X 12"L.

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