Great Golf Practice Starts With A Great Golf Mat!

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats are the #1 mat in golf!

Our family has been in the golf mat business for 12 years! We know golf mats!

Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats are MADE IN THE USA of only the finest quality materials!

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats OUT LAST every mat on the market!
  • 8 Styles to Choose From
  • All Turfs, All Sizes
  • Buy Factory Direct & Save!
Dura-Pro Golf Mats Make All Other Mats Obsolete!

Consumer Warning!
Don't be fooled by questionable warranty claims! Remember this before buying your golf mat:
  • TRUE: All of our premium quality golf mats have a life expectancy of 8 years.
    (Some claim their low quality residential mats have a warranty of 7 to 10 years - beware of what the warranty does NOT cover!)

    Dura-ProTM golf mats have our exclusive Dura-ProTM NO-SHOCK Super Tough Base Pad
    Dura-Pro golf mats are 30% more dense than other mats. They will out last all mats on the market!

  • TRUE: A premium quality commercial golf mat has the life expectancy of 8 years.
    (There are many commercial mats being marketed as premium quality golf mats when they are really remnants of random quality. If the price is too low, it's a poly or remnants!)

    DO NOT buy seconds and reject materials passed off as quality golf mats! They will not last and often are advertised with a misleading warranty!

  • TRUE: Be cautious of deeply discounted golf mats!
    Many claim they are high quality nylon when they are really POLY mats, which do not last near as long as nylon!
If it doesn't say Dura-Pro Plus - it's not the real quality of a Dura-Pro Golf Mat!
Dura-Pro Golf Mats Make All Other Mats Obsolete!

Don't Waste Money On A Copy Cat Mat
Buy A Quality Dura-ProTM Golf Mat Factory Direct!

The Dura-ProTM Tough TurfTM Monster Machine!
The Dura-ProTM factory is committed to quality in every step of the manufacturing process!

In order for a golf mat to pass the Dura-ProTM quality test - it MUST start with quality materials! We NEVER simply cut up remnants of random quality or "rejects" and try to pass them off as quality workmanship. Dura-Pro Mats are ONLY made of 100% Nylon - NO POLY MATS HERE!

The Dura-ProTM Golf Mats Are
Cut On-Site With Our Cut To Length Line!

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats are carefully cut to specific sizes with our specially made Cut-to-Length Machine!

The Dura-ProTM Golf Mats Are ALWAYS In Stock!

Dura-ProTM Golf Mats are always in stock so we can get them to you quickly!
We don't simply "cut them on site" - The Dura-ProTM Factory makes them from start to finish!

You can buy a less expensive mat that is cheaper in quality... EVERY YEAR
or you can buy a Dura-ProTM Golf Mat that will LAST FOR YEARS!

Thank you for making Dura-ProTM the #1 Mat in golf!
Family Owned and Operated

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