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Armaster "Your link to a more powerful swing motion."

ARMASTER is a durable non-elastic strap. The Armaster connects the upper arms to the body when addressing the ball during backswing, impact and followthrough positions. By establishing and maintaining the connection point of the arm to the body and allowing the right elbow and forearm to fold correctly, the golfer will be able to keep the club on plane and be in position to initiate the downswing in proper sequence...enhancing the thrust and speed of the club for longer, straighter golf shots.

Armaster Features:

  • Promotes correct right forearm rotation in backswing.
  • Reinforces the correct right elbow position at the top of the swing to keep the club in plane and eliminate right elbow separation (flying elbow syndrome).
  • Prevents overswinging.
  • Encourages proper downswing sequence.
  • Increases proper swing balance by allowing the left arm to re-rotate and fold correctly in the follow-through.
  • For home use or practice range training.

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