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Smart Stick Laser Golf Swing Trainer

Includes Instructional DVD

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Smart Stick Laser Golf Swing Trainer The Smart Stick Laser Golf Swing Trainer is the favorite swing training aid for learning the swing plane and maximizing distance of MARTIN HALL 2008 PGA TEACHER OF THE YEAR.

The SMART STICK utilizes green lasers and an innovative wrist bar that will teach you the flat left wrist at IMPACT, how to fully cock your wrist to create the angles for maximum power, as well as how to maintain club head lag which is required to deliver a powerfull strike.

With the green lasers the Smart Stick can be used indoors as well as outdoors and fits easily into your golf bag. If it is perfect practice that you are looking for then this is a must have tool.

smart stick

The Smart Stick is a technologically advanced golf swing training aid that allows for continual visual feedback as to where your club is throughout your entire swing. The device will teach you the three Pís of golf: Plane, Power and Precision (see the videos below about Plane, Power and Precision).

By using this device, you will eliminate ugly slices and hooks from your golf game. Training with this device provides you instant feedback, allows you to see mistakes, and helps you make immediate corrections. No expensive video equipment required!

The Smart Stick can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors and at a time that is convenient to you. It is simple to use and requires no special devices other than a straight line used to simulate the aim line.

The Smart Stick is compact and is easily stored in your golf bag. Staying sharp and on plane has never been easier. Easy to travel with, The Smart Stick is permitted by all airlines.
The built-in lasers are industrial lasers built with a 4000 hour diode - equivalent to five-hundred eight hour days of laser ďonĒ time. The lasers are utilized by the U.S. Military on many of the rifles used in the field.

The power of these lasers allows this device to be used outdoors in the brightest of sunlight with the beam showing up clearly on the green grass. No other lasers provide this outside performance.

Plane, Power, Precision

The video below will show you the science behind the swing. Each step will help you understand the importance and how the Smart Stick can help bring together keeping you on Plane with Power & Precision.

The 3 Pís of Golf


Two green lasers in the Smart Stick, one on each end, enable the teacher and student to clearly see the path the club is traveling from beginning to end of the swing. Utilizing the green laser technology allows the lasers to be seen outside on the grass in the brightest of sunlight. No other laser can provide this performance. The human brain learns muscle memory fastest through visualization. Once you see the lasers traveling on the wrong path an immediate correction can be made. Feedback to the brain is instantaneous.

Perfect Practice


The Power portion of the Smart Stick comes through the use of the wrist bar. The wrist bar shows proper positioning of the wrist - both at the top of the swing and at impact.

Perfect Practice


Precision comes through the ongoing use of the Smart Stick in your practice sessions. With the Smart Stick you will be practicing perfect with the visual feedback of the lasers moving on the proper path. You wonít have to guess if youíve got the club in the correct position.

Perfect Practice


"For the golfer that wants positive visual feedback this is the only training aid I use for the full swing."
     -PGA Tour Player & Winner of THE PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP Craig Perks

"This is a must have swing training aid that I recommend to each and everyone of my students including my tour players."
     -PGA Teacher Mark Blackburn who is teacher to Robert Karrlson, Heath Slocum, BOO Weekley

"I received my Smart Stick and quickly picked up something in my swing that immediately helped my game. It is easy to use for instructors of any caliber of player and is a must have to practice perfect."
     -Tony Sessa, Golf Professional Augusta National Golf Club

"Recently we found a product called the Smart Stick that will teach you the swing plane. After using the product for a couple weeks I quickly saw that my students were able to make changes that prior to the Smart Stick were difficult to correct."
     -Rob Noel Golf Academy. Rob is the teacher to numerous tour players and top amateur players in the Country.

"Can you send me another Smart Stick so I can take on tour with me? I am lost without it."
     -John Reigger PGA TOUR PLAYER

"We have had a huge response and great success with the Smart Stick. I have 70 ladies in indoor clinics and we have all of them using the Smart Stick with unbelieable success."
     -Code Vanos PGA Professional Blythefield Country Club

Smart Stick Clients

Top 50 Teacherís Use Smart Stick:

  • Chuck Cook, Craig Shankland, Stan Utley, Claude Harmon, Dr. Jim Suttie, Mike Malaska and the list goes on

  • Mr. Lynn Blake aka Yoda coach to PGA Tour Players Brian Gay and Jay Williamson and founder of Lynn Blake

  • Legendary instructor Mr. Ben Doyle. Ben Doyle studied under Homer Kelly the founder of the Golfing Machine

  • Rob Noel PGA Member and owner of the Rob Noel Golf Academy in Louisana. Rob is teacher to numerous tour players and teaches the principles of the Golfing Machine

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Smart Stick with Instructional DVD


Optional Laser Practice Mat

Smart Stick / DVD / Laser Practice Mat


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