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Deluxe Plane Golf Swing Trainer
Includes Instructional DVD
deluxe plane golf swing trainer The Deluxe Plane Trainer insures that the high handicapper and golfers of all abilities avoid pulling the club too far inside at the start of their back swing which results in dreaded Over the Top move on the down swing.

The Duluxe Plane Trainer's unique design is equally useful to help players who have the opposite problem of starting their back swings outside the proper plane and then come "under" plane, creating an angle of attack from too far inside.

The golfer takes the club back properly on the back swing and knocks over the first small foam padded arm of The Deluxe Plane Trainer.

He or she must then swing the club and avoid touching the inside foam pad which is on the correct plane angle.
By avoiding touching the second pad this allows the golfer to cock their wrist correctly, keeping the club on the correct path to the top.

On the downswing they must swing under the third pad which is on the shoulder plane, producing the perfect path for the average golfer.

The beauty of the Deluxe Plane Trainer allows players of all abilities to produce the proper feel back and through the ball without numerous mechanical thoughts.

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