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Connect4Power Golf Training Aid

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Connect4Power Golf Training Aid
  • STAY CONNECTED FOR POWER: Build a Powerful and Repeatable golf swing.

  • Promotes proper swing sequence and connection between the arm and the chest.

  • TAKE IT TO THE GYM: Accelarates your progress and trains proper muscles in your golf swing.

  • High grade durable material

Connect4Power Golf Training Aid Builds Body and Arm Connection
for a Powerful and Consistent Golf Swing

  • Develops Proper Body
       & Arm Coordination
  • Engages Large Muscles
       for Power & Consistency
  • Improves Separation Between
        Your Lower and Upper Body
  • Promotes Proper Body Rotation
  • Develops Proper Release
  • Builds Core Muscles
  • Develops Proper Takeaway
  • Maximizes Resistance
  • Trains Proper Larger Muscles
        in Your Back, Gluts and Legs

  • Leading arm connection is

    absolutely critical for proper

    body rotation through impact.

    Develops proper release of
    the club with body rotation.

    Maximizes resistance
    and builds core muscles

    Improves separation between

    your lower and upper body

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    Connect4Power Golf Training Aid

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