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Includes Instructional DVD

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8board, 8 board
The 8Board:
  • Warm-up

  • Full Swing

  • Pitching

  • Bunker Play

  • Putting and Chipping
  • Will increase your distance

  • Improves ball contact

  • Sharpens your short game

  • Adjustable to your height

  • Is easy to use

  • Goes anywhere
8board, 8 board
Feel the Difference!

Warm-Up Drills
Full Swing Drills

Achieve power and control through dynamic balance. The full-swing 8board drills will allow you to experience proper pivot, balance and centering skills, which will help you deliver the club face to the ball squarely every time.

The Board will also increase your power and coordination. When you hit balls while on the 8board, your feet will swivel as they stay parallel to each other. Once off the 8board, your feet are rooted to the ground. But if you bring the hip and leg rotation learned on the 8board to your hitting while off the 8board, you will greatly enhance your swing.
Pitch & Bunker
Putting & Chipping
Lateral movement is the biggest problem for a golfer's short game. Although you can still mishit when using the 8board, practice of the short game drills will definitely reduce your lateral movement and thus improve your ball striking.

Although we don't recommend using the 8board in the sand, practicing the pitch shot drills will give you the same coordinated skills and motion needed for those sad times that you find yourself on the beach.
The pivoting/swiveling action of the feet and body allows the arms and hands to follow through on every shot.
Everyone knows that putting and chipping requires deft touch and a quiet head.

The 8board forces your lower body to remain still because the slightest movement will activate the swivels.

Quieting the lower body will keep your head still.

What people are saying about the 8Board
"The 8Board is the only training device that can teach you how to properly use your hips and legs in five minutes. It really works!"
- John Mason
Director of Instruction, J.C. Golf School at Encinitas Ranch, Encinitas, CA
Named: 2002 "Player of the Year" (Southern California PGA, San Diego Chapter)
"Some swing aids are used to get you in position but may not help you when you are swinging the club and hitting balls. The 8board swing aid gets you in the right position as you're actually swinging and hitting, which is invaluable for your muscle memory when you are on the golf course." "
- Scott Simpson
Former US Open champion & 8board user
"I've known about the correct movement of the hips and legs for years. The difficulty was in explaining the hip movement using words. The 8board has helped my students understand the transition, one of the most complex movements of the golf swing, with relative ease. It gives them the sense and awareness so that the movement becomes an automatic movement, not a conscious effort."
- Russ Fraser
Golf Pro, P.G.A, professional
Manhattan Beach, CA
"The 8board is brilliant! As a golf professional and martial artist, my approach to mastery is rooted in good balance: centered, connected body motion, and flowing, rhythmical power. The 8board is the most natural and direct teaching aid I have ever found to develop these essentials. Plus it's versatile and portable. No athlete or golfer at any level should be without an 8board!"
- Jamie Zimron
LPGA Pro, The Golf Sensei

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