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The Original Trenzada
Flexible Bracelet by Rayma

Keep your body balanced! (yin/yang)

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Keep your body balanced! (yin/yang)

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Keep your body balanced! (yin/yang)

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Keep your body balanced! (yin/yang)

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rayma ionic bracelets, rayma bracelets, ionic bracelets

The History

It was in Mallorca, an island full of history anchored in the Mediterranean where numerous traditions about the use of metals for ornamentation of the body are treasured, where the idea of the Rayma Bracelet became reality.

Since the ancient times, several civilizations used determinate metals in their alloys as aesthetic ornaments, adapting them in fanciful forms to be worn on the body. In every occasion, the putting on of these adornments coincided with vital points of the circulation of energy through the organism.

Modern investigations have given some explanation to this coincidence, observing that there is a casual preventative effect resulting from these types of ancestral adornments. The materialization of the idea behind the Rayma Ionic Bracelet was a result of many discussions with experts and a variety of consultants.

At last, a proper alloy and an optimum configuration were achieved, and the Rayma Bracelet was born.
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How Does It Work
Scientific Information

The Rayma Bracelet is designed to aid the body in helping itself through electro-polarization which helps it return to its normal ionic balance.

The Rayma Bracelet is said to act on the nervous system of the body absorbing the static electricity that causes changes in different parts of the body.

Rayma says that when we feel pain in any part of our body, it is believed that this means there is an excess of static electricity in that particular area. This static energy is the result of an imbalance between positive and negative ions.

The body is built by millions of cells that form the different organs and tissues. These organs and tissues are characterized by a "frequency" or "resonance". These cells work like small "batteries" and when they are harmed, they lose energy, producing pain in different parts of the body.

Through a process known as the "utoinduction principle", the body then induces a given energy on the bracelet. If this energy happens to be on the bracelet's range of frequencies, it will return an equally opposite energy to the one produced by the harmed cells, therefore recharging them and returning them to their normal biological state.

Scientist Heinrich R. Hertz first discovered this "resonant frequency" in 1887. The Rayma Research Department has continued Hertz’s work, focusing on its action upon accumulated static electricity and ionic equilibrium.

The Rayma® Research Department has found that it has an affect on various afflictions and or bio-energy imbalances of the body’s organism.
Under a strict scientific process, a precise electrical charge is applied to the bracelet. This electrical charge creates a passive-energy resonator, providing the wearer with possible therapeutic effects in aching muscles, joints and their general well being.

With the Rayma Bracelet, the body will maintain balance in its natural energy pathways.

How Should It Be Worn?

The bracelet should fit comfortably around the wrist.

Once you put the bracelet on, it becomes unique to you and should not be handled by anyone else.

The bracelet will maintain its bioelectric charge for 24 to 36 months, depending on your body chemistry.

The bracelet is unique to you and therefore, affects each person differently. Some people have felt the effects within a few moments of putting on the bracelet and others may notice its effects within a few days or weeks.

The bracelet is designed for wearing on the right wrist, with the spheres on the top of the wrist. The bracelet may be worn 24 hours a day.

If after a few days, you do not feel a noticeable effect, you can try placing the spheres on the bottom of the wrist or even placing the bracelet on the left wrist with the spheres on the bottom.

Bending the bracelet to comfortably fit on the wrist will not damage the finish or the function. The trenzada (twisted band) bracelet is flexible and therefore, easy to put on and wear.

If you have a pacemaker or other electrical device
consult your physician before wearing Rayma Bracelet!

What is It Made Of?
The Rayma Bracelet is composed of a seven metal alloy and coated with 24 karat gold.
How should it be cleaned?
Any kind of jewelry cleaner may be used to clean the Bracelet. Warm water, soap, and a brush may also be used.

Can I wear it with other jewelry?
If it is worn not touching any other metals, the Bracelet is more effective.

Can I get it wet?
It is safe to swim or shower with your Bracelet!
Which Size Do I Need?
To determine which size
Rayma Bracelet is right for you:
Measure your RIGHT wrist where you would wear a watch. If you do not have a tape measure, a piece of string or narrow piece of paper works well. Simply wrap around your wrist, then lay string or paper on a flat surface and measure the distance with a ruler.

If your measurement is borderline between two sizes, measure your wrist one more time making sure you are not wrapping tightly. Wrap the string or paper lightly and comfortably around your wrist. Now measure the string or paper again.

When in doubt, order the next largest size. If necessary, you can squeeze the bracelet together, or coil it like a snake to fit more tightly on your wrist. A bracelet that is too loose will rotate on your wrist and not stay in the correct position to get the optimal benefits.



6" to 7"




7" to 7¾"




7¾" to 8¼"




8¼" and up



The Original Rayma Bracelet comes with a
Certificate of Authenticity.

Buy direct from North America's Importer and Save!
60 Day Trial Offer - You simply can't lose!

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6" to 7"
7" to 7¾"
7¾" to 8¼"
8¼" & up

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