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Swing Jacket Golf Training Aid


The Swing Jacket is now GREEN
You will receive green instead of black pictured below.

The New Swing Jacket Tour Edition comes with the new Tour Stops!
What is the Swing Jacket?
  • The Swing Jacket is golf's ultimate swing teacher
  • Arm cuffs slide along scientifically positioned rails guiding you through the full range of motion of a complete golf swing
  • It is the only full swing training product that allows you to hit full golf shots - just as you will on the golf course.
  • Now golfers of all levels of ability can feel how a great golf swing should feel and can train their body to consistently execute that great golf swing out on the course
  • The Swing Jacket has been validated over thousands of sessions with hundreds of golfers
  • The Swing Jacket is being used on the practice tee at PGA Tour events by many of the top golfers in the world today
  • Some of the largest teaching academies in North America are making the Swing Jacket a part of their teaching programs because it makes teaching professionals more effective and gets immediate results for students
  • No matter what your game is like today, the Swing Jacket is going to make you a better player - RIGHT NOW!

How does it work?
swing jacket, swing jacket, swing jacket
The Swing Jacket creates a dynamic link between your arms and torso guiding you through the full range of motion of a perfect golf swing. The patented torso rails keep you on the swing plane that delivers the club head to the ball at the optimal angle and path every time. As a result you'll hit the ball longer and straighter with less effort and the consistency you have always hoped to see.

Why does it work?

Actual Results: When you practice with your Swing Jacket you get instant feedback on how you are doing from the flight of the ball. You will not hit the ball solidly if you are not practicing properly. The Swing Jacket will make it difficult for you to swing improperly and if you do hit the ball poorly your body will feel the swing flaw and know how to correct it immediately.

Consistency: As the Swing Jacket guides you through each successive swing you begin to practice with the consistency of a Tour Pro. Experts in biomechanics agree that the more consistently you practice a given athletic motion the stronger your auto nervous response (muscle memory) will be and thus your ability to repeat that motion out on the course.

Focus: When you practice with the Swing Jacket you do not focus on swing mechanics so your mind is free to focus on the feel of that perfect swing.
Great Shots: Once you adjust to the Swing Jacket (which may take anywhere from 2 to 15 practice swings) you will begin to hit the ball with power and accuracy. The sensation of hitting beautiful shot after beautiful shot sends a powerful message to your body.

Practice Perfectly: When you practice with your Swing Jacket you know you are practicing correctly. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Use it anywhere: You can use the Swing Jacket anywhere you can take a swing - with or without a golf club. It is going to allow you to improve your swing even when you can't get out to the driving range.

Your own personal swing teacher: The Swing Jacket is like having your own personal swing teacher coaching you through each swing ensuring you are swinging perfectly.

A product for life: As your game moves to each new level the Swing Jacket will be your teacher, guiding you to better and better results.


The Swing Jacket easily adjusts to fit users with chest sizes from 35" to 50" (90cm to 125cm).

Loosen the side adjusting tabs (A). Slide the ladder locks to the appropriate size.

Put on your Swing Jacket. The rails should be on the top.

With the ladder lock at one extreme (B) the Swing Jacket will fit a 35" chest and at the other extreme (C) a 50" chest. The middle position is therefore 42".

Align the tabs as shown.

The Swing Jacket should be worn comfortably below your armpits. If the Swing Jacket is too low on your torso it will restrict your range of motion too dramatically.

Pull the side adjusting tabs on the left side of the Swing Jacket to get a comfortable fit.

Your Swing Jacket should be snug enough to prevent it from twisting on your body as you swing.

The fabric portion of the arms cuffs should be against the Swing Jacket as you slide your arms into each cuff. Make sure the loop that slides along the rail is not twisted. The arms enter from the top and the Velcro strap tightens the cuff to your arm. The arm cuff should be comfortable around your bicep.

Be sure to tuck the sleeve of your shirt under the cuff. Avoid any large gathers of fabric


The Swing Jacket may make it difficult for you to hit the ball solidly if you do not have solid pre-swing fundamentals. We encourage you to develop a pre-shot routine that will allow you to incorporate the principles described below into each shot, both on and off the course. Please refer to Jim Hardy's "A Swing for Life" training DVD for a more detailed description.

Grip: The club should be held in the fingers, not the palms. Align the v's created by your thumbs and forefingers with your right shoulder as shown. A grip that is too much in the palms may limit your ability to release the club at impact resulting in pushes and slices.

Stance: The inside of your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart as shown in the photo above.

Posture: Bend from the hips (don't slouch), maintain a slight bend in your knees and maintain a consistent spine angle throughout your swing.

TIP: To insure that your feet are aligned to the target lay a club at your feet aimed at the target, as shown here.


Poor alignment at your set up could make it difficult to hit the ball solidly. Your feet, hips and shoulders should all be in alignment parallel to your target line. Use a club as shown to check your alignment.

Drill #1:

Hold a club along your chest and make your shoulder turn keeping your spine angle consistent as shown in the sequence of photos to the right.

Notice that the club has maintained a consistent angle in the backswing and the follow through positions.

Take away:

More and more professionals from the PGA Tour are using the Swing Jacket as a part of their training routines because of the way it encourages a one piece take-away. The correct take-away position isillustrated in the top photo. Notice that the toe of the club is pointing straight up and the shaft of the club is aimed at the target.

You can still make the mistake of pulling the club inside and rolling your wrists to fan or open the club face, but the Swing Jacket will make it difficult for you to hit the ball solidly if you have a poor take-away.


Stand in front of a full length mirror wearing your Swing Jacket and take your club to the 3 o'clock position. Your left foot should still be on the ground, hip rotation should be minimal and your shoulders should have turned around not up and down. From this position make a smooth swing to the 9 o'clock position. Work at maintaining a consistent pace of acceleration of the club head to what would be the impact position.

Drill #3:

Hitting balls with a 3 o'clock swing. This is a great drill to help you develop the timing of the movement of your torso with the movement of your arms. Take the club to the 3 o'clock position, pause checking your club head position (shaft down the line, toe pointing to the sky, club face square to the target) refocus on the ball and with a slight backswing hit the ball. You are not trying to hit the ball far. The intent is to hit the ball solidly and consistently accurate. Your distance will improve as you become better at coordinating the correct motion.


The Swing Jacket has been designed to put you in the most powerful position at impact.


In this drill you should finish with most of your weight on your left foot and your hips and shoulders facing the target. (As shown here.)

Swing Jacket Golf Training Aid

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