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mySwing iOS Smart Golf Swing Analyzer

mySwing by Noitom is a portable smart golf swing analyzer for your iOS device.

When you purchase the mySwing iOS Smart Golf Swing Analyzer from D W Quail Golf,
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  • Easily attaches to any golf club
  • Very easy to use and understand!
  • Measures the entire club swing motion
  • mySwing instantly computes the swing data prior to transmitting to your iOS device
  • Uses iPhone/iPad to wirelessly receive and display the swing motion data.
  • Inside the device is an inertial sensor module integrating a set of high precision MEMS sensor chips, such as gyroscope, accelerometer, and digital compass.

In Action

See How
Easy it is
to Use!
Quickly and Easily Attaches to Any Club!

Screen Shots
User-friendly interface for new swing sections, historical swing data review, settings, and user account management (no monthly or yearly fees!). After each swing, club head speed at impact, upswing tempo, downswing tempo, club face angle, club head path angle, etc are displayed instantly. With the help of mySwing, not only the club head trace but also the club shaft plane in both upswing and downswing are captured and graphically presented. The user can rotate the graph to carefully review and better understand the swing plane.
In session review, histograms are used to show the consistency of swings within a session. Users can also tap into individual swings to check for details. When reviewing overall statistics, users can see how the respective swing parameter evolves over time. The clubs interface allows switching among different golf clubs.

mySwing™ iOS Features
Fast and accurate
  • A high performance CPU chip is embedded in the sensor module. With its high speed computational capability and highly efficient motion capture algorithm, mySwing can detect, analyze, and display your swing data accurately and promptly after each swing.
  • Since most of the data are preprocessed in the sensor module, the wireless data transmission time is greatly reduced, making mySwing much faster than its competitors
  • We use precise MEMS sensor chips to ensure the accuracy of the motion capture.

Light and small
  • The sensor module is very small and light, weighings only 17 grams. You won’t even feel the weight.

APP design
  • The philosophy of the app design is to make it a practical yet fancy tool. You will find it handy in swing training,with valuable information displayed in large fonts and nothing to distract you from your swing.

Data management and sharing
  • Built-in data management makes it easy to review your swing history. Twitter and Facebook sharing features allow you to share your swing experience with ohters.

Ball flight
  • Built-in ball trajectory simulation makes mySwing™ a mobile golf simulator in your backyard.

Long battery life
  • A fully charged sensor module can last for 2.5 hours of continuous swing and it takes only 20 minutes to recharge the sensor module through mini USB.
  • The sensor module will automatically turn into battery saving mode when you turns off the iDevice screen.

Reference card
  • A reference card is provided for you to check the club head speed vs. carry distance. the card also serves as an alignment tool

Velcro strap
  • The Velcro strap design makes it easy to fasten the sensor to the club securely. It tightly fits onto any golf club shaft
  • A spare strap is provided.

Nylon carry pouch
  • The package comes with a nylon bag, which can hold the sensor module and its accessories.

mySwing iOS Smart Golf Swing Analyzer

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