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Swing Path ST Deluxe Golf Training Aid


The Swing Path ST Deluxe and Practice Mat is easy to use and easy to understand.

With practice you will develop muscle memory and you will remove the slice and improve your overall golf shot accuracy.

The Swing Path ST Deluxe Practice Mat is made with a durable PVC Base integrated onto a 4’x4’ padded golf practice mat, and is an easy to assemble two-piece construction (pole included).

It is portable and can be used in your yard, off a patio, driveway, at the range......really anywhere!! It is designed for indoor/ outdoor use.

This is a Total System with pre-painted lines for proper alignment of your feet, woods/irons placement- hitting zone, chipping zone and a putting zone.

The best part is you don’t even have to hit a golf ball with this swing training aid to know that you that your swing path is correct!!

Pre-printed Toe Line allows you to square your stance at the setup of the ball:
  • Pre-printed Target Zone Lines for the visual effect of both setting the clubs for take away and for a target strike zone, these mat lines show you and help you to focus on where the club head needs to come down square.

  • 4’ Putting Zone with a reduced size cup for practicing those 4’ putts that give us all the "Yips!!" This practices the skill of taking the putter face back square, keeping the putter blade between the lines, then back forward straight and square, staying in between the lines to the hole.

  • Target Strike Zone Lines for both the swing and putting exercises, you learn both muscle and mind memory so when you are at the Tee, out on the fairway, pitching around the green, or putting on the green you can visualize the Target Zone Lines in your mind.

  • Green’s Edge Chipping Line by placing your heels in front of the toe line and using the Iron Hit Zone Space you can practice drawing the club straight back and straight through the Target Zone Lines, always staying in between those lines and coming down on the ball...ensuring a straight pitch to your target!

Incorrect Swing
Correct Swing

Swing Path ST Deluxe Golf Training Aid

Includes Golf Mat & Flex Pole with Base

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