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Power Stance Golf Swing Trainer
Includes Instructional DVD

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Balance and Stability are critical to making a powerful, repeatable swing. The Power Stance puts you in a Balanced Position and provides the Stability needed to coil and explode on the ball with accuracy!
    THE POWER STANCE - Golf Swing Trainer

  • Power Stance helps you to instantly achieve correct alignment
  • Never be out of balance again with Power Stance
  • Power Stance will help you to realize dramatic improvement of weight transfer
  • Increase distance and accuracy at once with the Power Stance
  • The Power Stance creates the visualization necessary for you to take your game to the next level

How Power Stance Works
Alignment Base
The arrow-based design automatically aligns a player to the target line and gives instant feedback on accuracy.
The left foot pad easily adjusts to your exact stance width for optimal setup. The front foot pad is designed to move up and down the slot base with a lock-down mechanism. Whether you have a wide stance or a narrow stance, it becomes adjustable for juniors as well as adults.
Left Foot Retainer
The left foot retainer ingrains a firm left side for a full release over a posted left leg that eliminates "spin-outs" and results in lower body TORQUE for added power.
Right Foot Wedge
The wedge provides balance while properly distributing weight. It keeps your weight on the inside of your right leg to eliminate reverse pivot and sway so you do not get outside of your set up position. You are now using lower body muscles and learning proper weight transfer and balance.
Ball Position Arrow
As the most underrated area of training that even touring professionals continually work on. Longer clubs should be placed more forward in stance and mid to shorter clubs further back in your stance, from middle to back. This aspect of training creates consistent ball striking and greater distance with every club in your bag. To insert ball position arrow, simply place arrow over notches on the alignment base located next to the right foot pad; then gently slide forward to the desired position.

"The Power Stance is the first lower body aid that gives the student immediate feedback of what proper balance feels like. As a top 50 PGA Teaching Professional the "Power Stance" allows me to concentrate on promoting the motion of the golf club. The ability to accelerate the students potential is a direct result of the " Power Stance".

Mel Sole
Ritson-Sole Golf Schools
Top 5 in America
"The best lower body training system I have ever seen. You will swing with more balance, and hit straighter, longer shots. I recommend the product to all of my students."

Gene Hori
Head Golf Professional
Malibu Country Club
Malibu, California

Frequent Questions
How is The Power Stance different from other golf training aids?
The Power Stance is unique because it is the only trainer on the market that addresses the importance of the lower body in the game.

Why is using the lower body so important in the golf swing?
The lower body is the source of Power and Velocity of the golf swing.

How does The Power Stance provide for Accuracy in the golf shot?
The Power Stance incorporates an arrow shaped tip on its base. When this arrow is pointed to the desired target it is the same principle a teaching professional uses by placing a golf club shaft at your feet to show how alignment to the target is achieved.

What is the purpose of the foot retainer?
One of the most common errors of the amateur golfer is spinning out or stepping out of the stance. Observe any accomplished golfer and you will see they all keep their left leg posted throughout the swing. Simply placing your foot against the foot retainer trains you in keeping your leg posted throughout the swing.

Why is the foot retainer set at a ten-degree angle?
The foot retainer accommodates a slightly open stance that allows your hips to move easily through the swing.

What is the significance of the inclined platform?
The inclined platform teaches proper weight distribution and weight transfer needed for a productive follow through.

How do you adjust for different width stance?
By simply releasing the locking system, the foot retainer becomes completely adjustable suitable to every player’s stance. We call this teaching aid The Power Stance, because the width is determined and set by you.

Can I use any club in my bag?
Except for the putter, The Power Stance is designed for use and practice with every club in your bag. The Power Stance is a workout device that can be used without any club in order to experience the feeling of the motion of the golf swing. It can be used in your living room, in your backyard or at your favorite practice facility.

Where do I position the ball alignment indicator?
The ball alignment indicator is positioned on the base of The Power Stance. The width of your stance and the club selected will determine exactly where it should be placed. Complete instructions, written with the advice of PGA Touring Professionals and Teaching Pros, are included with The Power Stance.

Who can benefit most by using The Power Stance?
YOU CAN! The Power Stance is beneficial to all levels of play. The product’s simplicity and unique qualities create the necessary combination for success. No trainer teaches alignment, weight transfer, hip rotation and the posted left leg, all while increasing flexibility.

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Power Stance Golf Swing Trainer

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