Dura-Pro Super Swing Net and Frame 9'(h) x 12(w) x 7'(d)

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Dura-Pro Super Swing Net and Frame

9'H x 6"W at top, 12'W at base and 7' Deep

  • 9'H x 6"W at top, 12'W at base and 7' Deep
  • Strong Polyester Netting
  • Baffle Net: 6'W at top, 8'8quot; at base and 6'H
  • Archery 1/4" Mesh
  • Frame: 1 1/2" Steel for Durability
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Directions for Set-Up

Assemble the Frame
  1. Lay out all of the steel pieces per the diagram.
  2. Assemble the back of the frame on the ground. That is everything in between the No Pin Foot Curve w/ Rings and the No Pin Top Curves including cross bar.
  3. Assemble the feet by inserting the Single Pin Foot Pieces into the No Pin Foot Curve w/ Rings
  4. Assemble the top by combining the remaining pieces to what you have already done.
  5. Tip the frame forward on its feet. Lift using the cross bar.

Hang the Net
  1. Attach the bottom of the net to the frame at all 4 corners using S-Hooks. The bottom of the net can easily be found because it has toggles along it.
  2. Check the top of the net to make sure that the support string is below the netting. If it is not, flip your net over and reattach the bottom.
  3. Attach the Top/Front of the Net to the No Pin Top Corners.
  4. Attach the Back of the net to the Single Pin "T"s. Adjust the net as necessary by tightening or loosening the strings.
  5. Slide the Toggles under your frame.
  6. Attach your baffle directly to the frame. The top of the baffle is narrower and has S-Hooks, while the bottom has toggles.
Net Attachment
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