Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Mat and Net Combo- 4x5

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  • Dura-Pro High Velocity Golf Net
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4'X5' - Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Mat + Your Choice of Net


  • Designed by DURA-PRO "The Golf Mat Experts" ™
  • Dura-ProTM Plus Residential Golf Mat
  • With our Exclusive DELUXE AAA30 3D Nylon Turf
  • Our New Natural 2-Color Blended Turf is 30% Denser Turf for Longevity!

This is the highest grade turf available on Residential Golf Mats in This Price Range

All mats come pre-punched with holes for rubber tees
Includes Rubber Tees & 1 Adjustable Wood Tee Holder, & Golf Ball Tray 


  • Dura-Pro™ Golf Mats Last Several Seasons Longer! 
  • With Our Exclusive DELUXE AAA30 3D Nylon Turf
  • And No Shock Residential Base Pad 
  • Dura-Pro Golf Mats Last Several Seasons Longer 
  • Rated #1 For 20 Years!
  • Dura-Pro Golf Mats
  • Exceed the Industry Standard for Quality and Durability
  • With Our Exclusive Perfect ReACTION Technology™ 

Indoor / Outdoor

  • Safe for use on hard surfaces.
  • NO SHOCK Base Pad - Absorbs Club Shock
  • 5/8" Thick
  • Outstanding Feel™
  • EASY ON THE WRISTS Compared to other Residential Mats
  • Color Fast Will Not Stain Clubs
  • Exclusive 3D Dimensional Nylon Turf™
  • 30% More Density For Longevity
  • Dura-Pro™ Golf Mats Will Not Delaminate! INDUSTRIAL BONDED!
  • Resists Tears, Fading, Curling and Separation.
  • Ultra-Violet Protection For Years of Use

Residential mats aren't recommended for commercial settings. Light chipping with irons is fine for skilled golfers who can pick the ball clean off the mat with their irons/wedges. Golfers of any skill level who take too steep of a descending blow on the ball to simulate taking a divot can cause damage to the mat. These mats aren't intended for down and through fat shots. This could result in damage to the mat and would void the warranty. Our Residential mats are great mats when used as intended.

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