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the NEW F2 PLUS Series Wedges
Individual Wedges
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With the F2 PLUS Series Wedges, all you need to do is swing it. Its patented design takes care of the rest.

I'm sure you’ve heard it and read it before, the surest way to lower your score is to improve your short game.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a PGA Tour player, you need to improve your shots from inside a hundred yards.

In fact, if you worked on nothing else but the short game, it would do more to lower your scores than anything else you can do!
The NEW F2 Wedge design
gets the club to do the work for you...
The F2 Plus Wedges' ingenious design, the face has been moved forward and the hosel back enabling the ball to strike and leave the clubface before grass or sand can grab the hosel and twist the clubface.

This unique and patented innovation places the hosel behind the clubface, putting the golf club in a face forward position at all times.

The F2 Wedge
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A Standard Traditional Wedge
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  • When entering the impact zone, the face comes through and makes contact with the ball before the hosel even enters the hitting area.

  • On all shots, this literally makes it impossible to shank the ball.

  • In deep rough, the F2 clubhead moves through the grass with less resistance and keeps the grass from grabbing the hosel, forcing shots offline.

  • In sand, the F2's unique wide-open face design allows you more opportunity to flatten the club and hit a high, short sand shots.

  • When pitching the ball, the F2 design helps you setup in the desired hands forward position which makes it harder to skull or hit your shots thin.

  • When chipping, the face comes through the hitting area ahead of the hosel, allowing contact to happen sooner. This lets the natural loft of the club do the work for you.

How did the F2 work for golfers?

To find out how well the F2 worked for all golfers, over 30 golfers hit three balls from four different spots each with their wedge and the F2.

31 golfers who hit 3 shots each with their wedge and the F2 wedge from 4 different locations; 50 yards from the fairway; a pitch from deep rough off the green; a greenside bunker shot and a short pitch from the front of the green.

On the 50 yard shot, golfers hit 34% of the shots with the F2 inside of 10 feet! That compared with only 14% of shots inside the scoring zone with their own wedge.

From the deep rough the F2 face forward technology was even better, the golfers hit an amazing 54% of their shots inside the 10 foot scoring zone compared with 23% with their wedge.

When we went into the bunker, the F2 was twice as good again with golfers hitting 32% of their shots inside of 10 feet and only 16% inside the scoring zone with their own wedge.

The final test was a pitch from the front of the green; where the F2 golfers hit an incredible 66% of their shots inside the scoring zone versus only 23% with their wedges.

Overall, golfers hit an astounding 46% of all test shots inside the 10 foot scoring zone using the new F2 "Face Forward Technology" wedge compared with only 23% inside the scoring zone with their "old technology" wedge.

With the F2, golfers got the ball inside the scoring zone twice as often! And they were using the F2 for the first time! Imagine how good you'll get around the green when you use your F2 every time you play!

Scientific proof that the F2 works!

To validate the F2's technological advantage, we put it up against three of the most popular wedges on the market. The Titleist Vokey, the Ping I3 and the Cleveland Wedge. Each was hit on the sweet spot and 1 inch off center toward the heel. On the sweet spot test, all four wedges performed admirably.

On the mis-hit toward the heel, there was one wedge that went to the head of the class! The first club went 54 yards and 130 feet right of the target. Club two went 72 yards, but 170 feet right of the target. Club three went only 53 yards and a shocking 175 feet right of target. The F2 wedge had almost no loss of distance and a slight loss of accuracy to right of the target... just an average of 26 feet off line.The other three wedges lost an average of 45 yards in distance and were an average of 155 feet right of the target! That difference could translate into 1 or 2 more strokes with each mis-hit.

The results weren't even close! In this test, the F2 was the overwhelming winner against the most popular wedges in the game.

The test results from Golf Labs were amazing!

Both human testing and robotic testing proves that the F2 gets you into the Scoring Zone more often than any other wedge tested.

In Continental US Only

F2 PLUS 56° Wedge

The 56 degree F2 Series Classic Wedge is a perfect all around wedge for the deep rough, sand, and all around the green pitch shots.

Conforms to USGA Standards. 431 S.S.
Head with cobalt finish

ShaftLoft (º)Lie (º)Length (")Swing weightBounce (º)
$85.00 DELIVERED! 

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