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Teego Golf Tee-Up Machine

teego golf ball tee-up machine
Teego is a portable automatic golf ball teeing and dispensing machine, it eliminates the hassle of manually teeing up the golf ball when practicing.

Teego Features

One-touch triggering
Teego is easily triggered by a simple tap on the ball release trigger with the golf club. (see videos below!)

Surface Versatility
Teego can be used on natural grass surfaces with its specially designed tee holder (patent pending) as well as on grass.

Quick-load ball magazine
Quick load ball magazine makes reloading Teego a snap.

Large capacity
Teego holds 150 golf balls, 75 in the ball magazine and 75 in the reserve container.

Teego is light-weight, very portable and can be taken with you to the range.

Teego is made of durable impact and heat resistant plastic.

Weight / Dimensions:
11 lbs     12" x 14" x 22"

Watch these videos to see Teego in action!

No Motors
or Batteries
Works With
Any Tee
Works On
Mats or Grass
Ball Capacity
& Lightweight

Benefits of practicing with Teego:

Teego enables you to engrain the "feeling" of good hits by allowing you to quickly hit multiple balls without changing position.

Teego allows you to focus on your practice session without having the distraction of manually teeing up balls.

You will maximize your practice time enjoying quicker and more efficient practice sessions.

Teego does the work! You will have less strain on the lower back since there is no need to bend over and tee up golf balls or retrieve them from a basket.

teego golf ball tee-up machine

What types of tees can be used with Teego?
Teego will work with any kind of golf tee, but it works best with tees that do not move after the ball has been struck.

How many balls does it hold ?
The Teego will hold 75 balls in the spiral magazine and another 75 can be placed in the center storage area for a total of 150 golf balls!

Will it work with extra thick range mats?
Yes, Teego will work out of the box with most mats.

Does the ball stay on the tee every time?
Certainly, as long as the tee is not moved significantly after it's initially aligned.

Do I have to use a tee?
No. Teego will dispense balls onto the hitting surface very nicely.

Does Teego force me to hit from a mat like other tee-up machines?
Not at all. Teego was designed with the flexibility to be used on grass or a standard range mat.

Is it easy to refill?
Yes, simply raise the filling sleeve and pour the golf balls in!

Is it easy to clean?
Yes, just spray it down with a water hose.

Will the sun/heat exposure damage Teego?
Teego is manufactured with UV protection embedded in it's parts, it will withstand considerable sun exposure.

Is it durable?
Very much so, it's made from impact resistant polycarbonite plastic, the same material used to make bullet proof "glass".

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