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Tee Up Without Bending with EZT
EZT eliminates bending from the game of golf!
A new concept golf product for people who have trouble bending or want to avoid injury. EZT eliminates the need for bending, which is painful for many, and may help prevent future back problems.
tee up without bending over
  • Lightweight easy to use
  • Alleviates exhaustion from bending over an average of 70 times in a round of golf
  • Tees the ball straight and to the desired height every time
  • Clips right on the golf bag
  • Makes the perfect gift for any golfer
From a standing position with EZT you can:
  • Tee Up the Ball at any height
  • Retrieve Ball from the cup
  • Retrieve Standing Tees
  • Retrieve Lying Tees
  • Replace Divots
  • Fix ball marks on green
  • Place the Ball Marker
  • Pick up Ball Marker
  • Prop clubs that are not in use
  • Pick up clubs lying on the ground
See how the EZT will help you by viewing the video!
If you don't have Real Player installed, click the icon to download. Real Player is required to view the demo.

View the demonstration video now! (56K)

View the demonstration video now! (256K)

Easily Tee up your ball
by loading the tee and ball into the EZT and clamp it shut.

ezt eliminates bending over from the game of golf! Adjust the height of your tee
by a simple turn of the screw!

This will tee it up straight and at the same height everytime, improving the consistency of your game!
ezt also picks up the ball from the cup! Easily picks up the ball from the cup!
Easily picks up your tee whether it is standing,
or lying on the ground!

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