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Sureshot GPS

How far to the green? How many times have you heard that on the course? The answer is here.

The sureshotgps is a compact, hand-held, easy to use GPS (Global Positioning System) device specific to golf. With the option of attaching to your belt, golf cart or buggy, the sureshotgps means never having to look for a distance again.

Wherever in the world you play golf, the sureshotgps will allow you to obtain distances from tee to green. Experience the difference with better club selection, speedier play and statistical information per round.

Complete Sureshot GPS system includes:
  • Handheld GPS device with USB interface
  • User Guide
  • Clip for attaching to belt or cart
  • 110 -240volt AC charger
  • USB mini cable
  • SureAnalysisTM WindowsTM software
Benefits of the Sureshot GPS
GPS displays distances to the front, center and back of the green from anywhere Tee to Green
Sureshot GPS has the ability to display up to 15 additional reference points which give distances to hazards (i.e., traps, water & dog-legs, etc.)
Data for multiple golf courses (up to 10) can be stored - you can record course data or it can be downloaded by subscribing to the Sureshot GPS database for 12 months (1 year subscription included)
Can be used on any course around the world (subject to local rules)
Measure their shots and know the exact distance for each club – enabling this feature allows club recommendation depending on the distance to the green
Statistical information for a round can be collected
Specific shots can be measured and recorded (i.e., driver distance). Once you have measured distances for each club, the information is stored in the SureShot GPS and is used to suggest a club selection (when enabled)
SureShot GPS has a USB Port which allows the unit to be recharged via an AC adapter and also connects the SureShot GPS to a PC for uploading and downloading course information and statistics
The SureAnalysis Software (a Windows based application) is included as a bonus with the SureShot GPS.
Record fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts and provide statistics. Provided with the SureShot GPS is the bonus Windows software sureanalysis which further analyses play and keeps statistics for specific or multiple games.

to the SureAnalysis Software
The new software enables you to customize data on any specific golf course to fit your own game. For example, you can personalize your lay-up points based on distance and relevant hazards. Also, you can add new features into a golf course file that may not have been present when a particular course was first mapped. This editing capability, unique to SureShot GPS, applies to both professionally-mapped and player-mapped golf courses. Many courses alter their design in some fashion, often annually, such as with the addition of new bunkers or water hazards, or the re-design of greens. Also, trees grow over time, changing the dynamics of a player’s decision-making. Now you can add and delete altered features within a golf course file that has been downloaded on a SureShot GPS device.

In addition, golf course mapping is now an even simpler process, as the SureShot GPS automatically calculates the center of the green when you self-map a golf course. Thus you can map just the front and back of a green, and the center is mapped during the process. (You still can map the center of any green manually, if you wish.) The result of this state-of-the-art software enhancement is that you can map courses with confidence and ease, even while playing a social round of golf.

Finally, hybrid golf clubs have been added to the list of individual club lengths and recommendations which you can access during a round of golf if you choose. Previously, only irons and woods were included in the club selection recommendations for individual golfers.

Know the distance to the front, center and back of the green from anywhere on the course whether you can see the green or not
Know the front and carry of hazards from anywhere on the course
The display is a TFT 256 Color display module with a direct sunlight film, protected by a plastic lense. Graphic and text display can be viewed in direct sunlight.
Track your scores, fairways hit, GIR, sand, saves, and putts
1 Year FREE Subscription to download courses
Windows and Mac compatible. (Mac OS X running Parallels Desktop for Mac Release Candidate Build 3120)
SureShot GPS uses a battery gauge chip that learns the battery capacity over time as the device is used
The battery life is greater than 4.5 hours with the back light on full brightness. Under normal operating conditions (eg playing a round of golf) the battery life would typically be 7+ hours.
The battery is rechargeable and takes about five(5) hours to fully charge a flat battery.
USB 2.0 compliant

What is the advantage of using SureShot GPS over a laser rangefinder?
With the SureShot GPS you can determine the distance to objects that are not in your line of sight. GPS can provide you with distances anywhere on the course that may be difficult to get with lasers. With GPS you can see those distances immediately. Also, by using SureShot GPS you don't have problems with overshooting a target or having to hold the device steady for accurate readings.
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