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The fore!rain Advantage
The material is a soft, flexible, high quality coated duck cloth not available on any other rain cover. The unique design is geared for those who expect nothing less than the very best.

No Water Traps with the unique angled design.

fore!rain Adjustable zipper

Adjust Double Zipper positions for total control.

Double zipper pull allows you to adjust based on weather conditions.  For example: set to moderate (as shown above) allowing for one handed operation, and the angled design will spring back into position.  Close during heavy rain and the cover will not blow open or allow rain in like all other covers on the market today.
fore!rain offers easy access to clubs

fore!rain offers easy access to balls and tees

fore!rain provides a place to keep your scorecard dry!
open fully when rain stops.  Also notice the side umbrella pocket. vented opening provides access to lower ball and tee compartment store golf balls tees and score card in the convenient side pocket.
Quality Material Advantages:
  • Remains flexible in all climates.
  • Excellent dimensional stability and weight to strength ratio.
  • Won't crack peel or harden.
  • Resistant to mildew, abrasions, water penetration, most petroleum products,
  • Ultra-violet rays and a wide range of acid and alkaline liquids.
  • Rinses clean for easy care and maintenance.
  • The highest quality of material ONLY found on fore!rain, guaranteed!
Quality of Design Advantages:
  • Form fitting with two styles, because one size does not fit all.
  • Piping around the cover eliminates water traps when accessing your clubs.
  • Double zipper pull allows complete protection from wind and rain.
    The wind can't blow the cover open, nor allow rain to get under
    like all other covers on the market today.
  • Double zipper adjust for the type of rain play.
  • One handed access to clubs during light rain. 
  • Cover opens fully for complete access.
  • Umbrella pocket keeps your umbrella handy.
  • Side pocket stores golf balls, tees and other items during rain play.
  • Pass through openings are used for your handle and shoulder strap.

Don't settle for anything less than fore!rain

Great for cart bags too! Easily stored in your golf bag!

fore!rain takes the worry out of rainy days and allows you to finish eighteen holes while protecting your investment.  We may not be able to bring you sunny skies but we can keep you swinging in the rain.  Simply roll and stow away in your golf bag.

During the off season fore!rain is ideal for storage, allowing easy access to your clubs while keeping both your clubs and bag dust free.  So the next time you see rain, simply say fore!rain.

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