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Smart Caddy
Club and Flag Stick Support

Smart Caddy is the new golf accessory that lets you quickly and easily manage your clubs.

Smart Caddy is a free standing club and flag stick support that quickly opens and closes with one hand.

Your clubs are always protected, conveniently at hand and ready for play.

Smart Caddy eliminates bending over to try and protect clubs in wet grass or sand.

No more fumbling to find a tee or towel to put your clubs on.

Easy to Carry!
A wide hook on the Smart Caddy lets you attach it to the outside of the bag during play.

This position makes it easier to remove and put back than inserting it in the bag.
smart caddy, smart caddie, golf club prop
smart caddy, smart caddie, club prop, golf club support To pack the Smart Caddy for car transport or shipment, it can be put directly into the bag like a club, or clipped to the inside using the wide hook as shown in the picture on the left.

The folded length of a Smart Caddy is about the same as a standard driver.

Easy to Use!
When closed, Smart Caddy is a compact unit with the feel and balance of a light weight walking stick.

The legs and club supports are folded up next to the main shaft so it can be easily carried in one hand.
smart caddy

To instantly open the Smart Caddy, hold it in one hand and press the release button below the handgrip.

The unique automatic opening action is similar to an umbrella, but much easier.

Closing the Smart Caddy is also a simple one hand operation.

To close, remove clubs and/or flag stick. Stand the Smart Caddy straight up and down and apply gentle pressure to the top of the handgrip until the spring loaded closing mechanism (patent pending) closes the legs and club supports against the shaft.

The Smart Caddy is completely free standing and stable in even the deepest roughs.

Areas that have heavy leaf fall or tall grass are perfect for Smart Caddy.

Smart Caddy great on 'cart path only' days or when you can't take your pull cart to your ball.
Smart Caddy is at home near grass or sand bunkers.

This versatility is important because some of these situations are the ones where you may change your mind about what club to use several times before you play the ball.

And through it all your clubs and grips stay dry and clean.
Free standing tripod design will not damage even the most delicate greens.

Special long lasting fiber reinforced tips flare out to keep the legs from digging in.

Smart Caddy is constructed of aerospace plastics and anodized aluminum so it rests lightly on any surface.

The handle of each Smart Caddy contains a magnetic ball marker that conveniently pops out for use.

The magnet keeps it in place when not being used.

  • The basic tripod design of the Smart Caddy is very stable on all types of contoured ground.

  • A large and wide built-in bag hook is provided as part of the main fitting.

  • The hand grip is made of the same comfortable material as most club grips.

  • Smart Caddy is a quality product that will give you years of reliable use.

  • When folded, the Smart Caddy is a light and compact unit.

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