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Johnny Miller's Golf Clinic
Tricks of the Trade

Johnny Miller Golf Clinic: Tricks of the Trade DVD

In Johnny Miller’s Golf Clinic: Tricks Of The Trade, Johnny teaches shotmaking – how to curve the ball and control its trajectory – this is the heart of the golf game.

Johnny teaches you how to break away from conventional wisdom that says a golfer should master one swing and then make small adjustments to maneuver the ball.

Johnny’s approach teaches you to play golf his way – with a variety of swings.

Johnny will instruct you on four ways to fade the ball, including a Corey Pavin variation and a Lee Trevino variation.

You will also learn four different swings which will draw the ball, including a Fuzzy Zoeller variation and a Peter Jacobsen variation.

Johnny also teaches a variety of swings which will allow you to hit the ball high or hit the ball low.

Johnny shows you how to master his techniques so you’ll be able to work the ball just like the pros.

There won’t be a pin that can hide from you. The result: lower scores and MORE FUN.

Shotmaking is not just for good players… it’s for ALL players!

This golf DVD is approximately 50 minutes in length.

Available in NTSC format only (USA video format)

Johnny Miller's Golf Clinic

Tricks of the Trade

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