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Swing Rite Original / Impact Builder

When you purchase a Swing Rite from D W Quail Golf,
you will receive our exclusive Swing Rite Instructional Drill DVD

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  • If Swing Rite is swung properly it will click at the bottom of the swing or no more than 12 inches past impact.

  • If swung improperly it will click before the ball, showing you have cast the club, or if it clicks after the ball you have moved your head in front of the imaginary ball position. Remember always keep your head behind the ball.

Start at the highest setting, 9

Work your way down towards the number 1 position turning the chrome head 1/2 turn at a time until you feel comfortable swinging Swing Rite and making it "CLICK" at the proper position.

When you reach your desired position and can swing comfortably, you're ready to begin perfecting your swing.

  • Swing like a regular club
  • Use indoors or out
  • 34" long
  • Can be used to simulate approach shots and chip shots

+ PLUS +
Our FREE Gift To You when you purchase from D W Quail Golf

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Swing Rite

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