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Swing Hitter

Includes Instructional DVD

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swing hitter
Partners Club Tested and Approved! Seal of Approval - Golf Society of the U.S.
  • Patented internal slide weight in this practice club gives you "instant feedback"

  • Learn to "gather power" using your newly developed slower backswing.

  • Clicking sound will alert you that you have properly cocked your wrists

  • As you "leisurely" start the downswing, you will learn to hold the 90o angle and release the clubhead/hands "at just the right time - everytime."

  • Swing it only 15 times a day, 3 or 4 days a week. That's about 90 seconds a day.

  • Swing it in your office, home, hotel room, backyard or on the golf course

  • Creates muscle/brain memory of correct swing techniques!!

  • Includes Instructional DVD, 29 inches long, 25 ounces - SMALL AND PORTABLE!

  • Improve, then use it to keep your swing "tuned" year round, even in winter downtime or if you have any layoff from playing!

  • Works for both right and left handers!

Swing Hitter
Swing Hitter Teaches:
  1. A slow controlled backswing
  2. Cock the wrists at the proper location
  3. Release the hands and clubhead at just the right time on the downswing

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Swing Hitter

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