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Swing Speed Radar

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swing speed radar golf swing speed meter

Swing Speed Radar

Microwave Doppler Radar Velocity Sensor

  • Measure your swing speed with the affordable Doppler Swing Speed Radar!

  • Increase your golf swing speed to increase your distance.

  • Monitor your swing consistency.

  • Includes velocity feedback when trouble-shooting your swing.

  • Measure your golf swing speed improvement as you optimize your swing mechanics.

Determine your optimum swing speed for distance, control and accuracy.
Determine the club characteristics that achieve the best results.
Monitor the effects of changes in your mechanics on swing performance.

The Swing Speed Radar Also
Works well for baseball and softball too!

Baseball/Softball Players:
Determine the optimum swing for your best distance, quickness, and bat control/ball contact. Select the best bat size and weight for your optimum swing.

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