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Laser Putting Alignment System


  • The Smart Golfer Laser Putting Alignment System is a state-of-the-art laser training aid for putting.

  • Compatible with most putters, the Smart Golfer Laser Putting Alignment System easily attaches and removes in seconds!

  • It provides instant feedback on targeting, clubface orientation, and ball impact zone. The Smart Golfer Laser Putting Alignment System is constructed of high-impact and durable ABS plastic and is engineered for a long and useful life.

  • The bright laser allows for long distance aiming, and can be used indoors or out.

  • The Smart Golfer is lightweight so swing performance is not limited.

  • 3.5" W x 5.4" L x 9.5" T

  • Powered by three 1.5 volt watch-size batteries (included)

Trigger Unit

Responsive, one-touch trigger, attaches to putter grip.

Allows for easy targeting feedback while putting.
Laser Unit

Easily attaches to any putter. Class III laser allows for indoor and outdoor use!

Smart design guarantees the laser will be square to the clubface.

"The LPAS by The smart golfer has given me the confidence to know that I am aligned properly on each putt, and therefore, has allowed me to make more putts more consistently."

Rich Massey/Nationwide Tour Player

Attach adhesive strips onto the back of the laser unit legs, line up the groove on the top of the unit with the center groove of your putter, then attach both together

B. For best results, coil the trigger unit wire around the putter shaft before attaching the trigger unit. Velcro strap ensures adjustable fit. Wrap around the putter shaft, then fasten. Always aim away from eyes, never stare into the laser beam

C. To replace batteries, open flip-up battery compartment door, use three LR44 size batteries with the negative (-) facing the trigger

Laser Putting Alignment System

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