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Power Coil

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power leg coil, power coil golf training aid
The Power Coil is designed to stabilize your base, which allows you to develop a powerful coiling action, thus increasing your 'X' factor and potential for increased distance.

The Power Coil is easy to use for any player right- or left-handed. Anyone who has a problem swaying back away from the target or tends to lock their trailing leg at the top of the swing can greatly benefit from strapping the Power Coil on & taking a few relaxed swings.
Coil into action!: Designed primarily for adult golfer's over 5' 6" the PowerCoil is comprised of two independent elements, a knee brace and a connection strap. The two pieces may be worn individually or together, which makes the Power Leg Coil three golf training aids in one!

power coil, power leg coilThe knee brace portion of the PowerCoil is a padded brace with a metal insert that may be bent for more or less restriction. The tighter and more bent the knee brace is the more restriction you will feel during the swing. Since the trailing knee should never straighten during the swing this is a great way to practice. After about 10-15 shots the typical golfer's quads will become fatigued so you'll need to ease into regular use.

The Power Leg Strap portion may be used with the knee brace or by itself. The Power Leg Strap prevents excess lateral motion. Many golfers sway on the backswing to create more power and try to hit the ball with the upper body and arms rather than coiling their core and driving with their hips around a balanced center. The Power Leg Strap should be adjusted so it is slightly taught at address. On the backswing the lower body is locked in place preventing the upper body from moving outside the rear foot. This produces a much more compact, repeatable swing.

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Power Coil

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