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Plane Stick Swing Trainer
Includes Instructional DVD

The Definitive Source on Swing Plane!
plane stick swing trainer - get the perfect swing plane!
"Regardless of handicap, The Plane Stick is the most precise and effective way to get your swing on plane.

I use it with my students!"

Rick Smith
Golf Digest Top 5 Instructor

Includes 25 minute instructional video by Rick Smith that shows over 20 different uses for the Plane Stick!

Also includes instruction manual detailing many different drills you can use to improve your game!
plane stick setup
plane stick easily folds and stores in carrying case
plane stick swing trainer comes with carrying case.

The Swing Plane
plane stick swing trainer Eliminating the "over-the-top" shot is one of the toughest things to correct. If you take the club excessively to the inside on the takeaway and compensate by coming outside on the downswing, you are a victim of the "over-the-top" shot. Teaching professionals commonly refer to this as an "over-the-top" shot because the path of the club goes outside the desired plane line and across the target line through impact, instead of straight down it.(Fig. 1)

An ideal swing path is one in which the club is taken back on a more outside or straight back path on the takeaway to a slightly inside path on the downswing. This creates a swing plane, which allows the club to stay on the target line longer before and after impact. The result is a ball flight that starts down the target line or just right of it.(Fig. 2)

A golf club swung on the correct swing plane gives you the best chance of hitting shots that repeatedly go straighter and longer. Research has shown that 90% of all amateur golfers suffer from swing plane related problems. The Plane Stick corrects swing plane problems fast and simply so that you see improvements in their ball striking within minutes.
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Cures Nasty Slices and Pulls!
The Plane Stick Swing Trainer was designed to enable you to feel instantly what it is like to swing on your correct swing plane, as everyone's is slightly different.

For many years teaching professionals have helped students achieve this sensation with one easy drill.

The instructor takes the shaft of a club (without the head on it) and sticks it into the ground several feet behind the player, while at the same time matching the shaft angle of the player's club at address.

The reason they do this is because the angle of the player's club at address basically dictates what the proper plane is for a player's takeaway and downswing.

Once the player is set up properly with the shaft, they are then instructed to take the club outside the shaft on their takeaway and underneath it on their downswing.

There is only one problem! The student cannot do this at their normal swing speed without danger of making contact with the shaft in the ground, which can easily result in a broken club, an injury, or both.

The Plane Stick is a safe and precise replacement for the shaft in the ground!

THE PLANE STICK is the most effective training aid on the market because you can actually hit shots with THE PLANE STICK at full speed without any risk of harming yourself or your club. At the same time it ensures that your takeaway and downswing are on the correct path allowing you to strike the ball from that elusive inside attack position that all great ball strikers possess (Fig. 3).

Why the Plane Stick is Safe & Effective
The Plane Stick is a telescoping aluminum rod (a) that can be adjusted from 33" out to 46" and has an adjustable tension controlled knob at it's base allowing it to match any lie angle (b). This allows you to practice with any club in your bag regardless of club lie or length.

The rod is attached to a solid "1" thick cross shaped Polyurethane base (c), matching the thickness of most driving range mats. This provides The Plane Stick with excellent stability and durability on any surface (grass or cement behind mats).

The base is easily folded and inserted into its durable lightweight nylon carry bag, for convenient transporting and storage.

Now here is the kicker! What makes the Plane Stick so unique is that the top of the telescoping rod is a 18" foam and nylon sleeve covering a breakaway spring (e). This enables you to contact the Plane Stick without risk of damage to their body or club, unlike the traditional shaft in the ground.

The Plane Stick also has a target line string to ensure simple precise set up every time (f). It is the golf swing training aid that has everything a student needs to ensure quick and easy swing improvements.

Other Uses for the Plane Stick
Dropping your back foot away from the target string clears the right side making it easier for you to drop the club into the slot position and swing from the all important inside attack position.

This drill over exaggerates swinging from the inside but still allows you to focus on a proper on-plane takeaway.
Moving the ball about 2" inside the target string allows you to swing more freely underneath to underneath The Plane Stick.

This allows you to receive feedback only if you pick the club up outside on the takeaway or swing over-the-top on the downswing, not if you make a good on-plane swing.
Moving the ball outside the target string about 2" keeps you from swinging the club too far inside on the takeaway and from getting the club trapped behind you on the downswing.

This enables you to focus on getting the club out in front of you on the downswing instead of allowing the club to swing too much from an inside to out position.

Great for low handicappers!
These drills do the same as the above drill but are a little less intrusive. By angling The Plane Stick in these various positions you can find which position offers the best visual for staying on-top-of-the-ball on the downswing as it can vary from player to player.

The Plane Stick can be used to teach correct hand path by placing The Plane Stick over your hands or shaft at address.

This forces you to return the club in the same position at impact or only slightly higher, instead of much higher as many over-the-top swings inevitably do.
To give you the feel for the correct swing plane on your follow thru, simply put The Plane Stick in the same setup position in front of you. Do not attempt to hit golf balls with the swing trainer in front of you.

This drill is meant to give you the feel and awareness of where the club should be after impact.
These drills are similar to the above drill but you can hit balls with The Plane Stick in these positions.

These positions are less intrusive and present no danger of hitting the non-breakaway portion of the rod with their club. They also force you to swing more down the target line instead of across it.

The Plane Stick can be used to help teach proper body rotation both on the backswing and on the downswing by eliminating hip, knee, and ankle slide/roll.

Once you have eliminated the "over-the-top" move, it is time to fine tune your swing plane.

This is done by standing a bit further from The Plane Stick and then try to "click" the protective sleeve on your takeaway and then miss it altogether on the downswing.

What this does is ensure that you are taking the club right up to your desired plane line.

This drill is useless if your have not yet mastered the ability to drop the hands inside instead of "over-the-top" at the top of their swing.

"The Plane Stick is a wonderful swing aid that I use constantly for teaching and for working on my own game. It takes the place of the classic "shaft in the ground" and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. I recommend it highly for teaching and for anyone wishing to improve their game.""
Wayne DeFrancesco
Golf Digest "Top 50" Instructor and
2001 National Club Pro Champion
"I believe every collegiate program in the country should have a Plane Stick!"
Ed Cottrell
Member of the NCAA Coaches Hall of Fame
"I use The Plane Stick on a daily basis and recommend it both as a teaching tool and an aid to self improvement."
Michael Schroder
Director of Instruction, Wild Wing Plantation

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